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I have just received a report from the USDA from a tea importer friend of mine. All tea imports from China are to be placed in quarantine for at least 6 months. Will this cause you to switch to Japanese teas?

I already drink almost exclusively Japanese green tea
Yes, I will finally make the switch to Japanese green teas
No, I will not make the switch, I will hoard Chinese teas and wait out the quarrantine
No, I would sooner drink lawn clipping brew
I am shocked and have no idea what I will do...or Other
Total votes: 49

Postby anton » Apr 2nd, '08, 00:05

I pity the fool that didn't stock up today, and has to go six months without their favorite Chinese tea.

Nicely done Chip!
I'm enjoying a cup of Silver needles to end the day.
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Postby Chip » Apr 2nd, '08, 01:21

Good news, due to heavy pressure by Tea Lobbyists in DC, a stay has been placed on the quarantine pending congressional hearings.

Enjoy the reprieve.


Welcome to TeaDay, Mr.T!!!
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