Tuuzday, TeaDay, 4/15/08

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I guess Spring made me wonder, have your TeaTastes changed since last Spring?

Yes, quite a bit
Yes, somewhat
Yes, actually I am in a state of flux right now...or always
No, not really, I don't think so
No, definitely not
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Postby daughteroftheKing » Apr 15th, '08, 14:44

My tastes have changed a bit in the past year, but not too much. I find that I like fewer and fewer black teas, while my enjoyment of oolongs has grown.

This morning started with Kyoto Cherry Rose. Then moved on to Raspberry Green with Mint (on ice).
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Postby Salsero » Apr 15th, '08, 14:44

olivierco wrote:So you abandoned your "Pentox and olivierco are the same person" theory...
Many theories dwell in the mind of the Salsero, a man swathed in mystery and wisdom. 8)

Well, mystery anyway.

Well, confusion at least.
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Postby Chip » Apr 15th, '08, 15:06

Fukamushi from Kago land in my cup so far...but my cup and pot are empty.

My tastes are changing much of the time...I don't think I will ever come to a point and be able to say...ok, I am content to stay right here for 5 years...hmmm, not even one year. (part of why Pu-erh scares me a bit) Always searching...this is TEA. Tea is a journey that changes around every bend. Every reading of TeaChat, every click of the mouse, every recommendation from someone.

Compared to the dramatic changes most of you seem to have experienced, mine is more of an ebb and flow kind of change........

I was drinking about 50% Chinese green and 50% Japanese green prior to last Spring. I had no real desire to change at that time, but then I experienced my first Shincha in real time. Also, all the controversy surrounding China affected my choices.

So, this past year, I drank 75% Japanese green or more maybe, but brought greener oolong back into my menu after a brief hiatus. Chinese tea consumption dropped to around 1 every 2 days...

Interestingly (to me anyway :roll: ), when I joined TC almost 2 years ago, sencha and Japanese tea was almost a bad word here...almost scoffed at. Either that or there was such a lack of awareness about it and lack of good product that is was grossly misunderstood.

Wow, how times have changed.
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Postby Katrina » Apr 15th, '08, 16:09

My tastes have definitely changed. A year ago I was drinking almost all scented black teas. I loved chai lattes from coffee shops. I thought buying Twining's was a sign that I was appreciating better tea (after growing up in a Lipton house.) I had never heard the terms gaiwan, gongfu, or kyusu.

Now probably 90% of what I drink is loose leaf. I drink greens, white, and lots of unscented black teas. I've begun experimenting with oolong of late too and am constantly on the prowl for new teas to try. Plus I'm being much more aggressive about trying to convert my family into tea drinkers. (Of course, then I'd have to share.)

Oh - and nothing in my cup yet today. Just a sign of the kind of morning I had here!
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Postby olivierco » Apr 15th, '08, 16:11

Some Darjeeling Puttabong S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 from 2007 harvest right now.
I should have my first 2008 harvest Darjeeling (Namring S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1) in my cup this weekend.
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Postby charizzi » Apr 15th, '08, 17:30

I tend to fluctuate tastes but I imagine it did change since last spring.

I'm having some cold brewed peppermint ginger houjicha right now after playing soccer outside. So refreshing :)
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Postby Ron Gilmour » Apr 15th, '08, 18:38

My tastes have not changed that much. I think I'm drinking better quality teas now, but the same general types: Darjeelings, Japanese greens, and the occasional oolong.

Today I had some time to kill in downtown Ithaca. On a whim, I wandered into a mate shop, thinking it would be fun to try something new. Well, for those of you unfamiliar with mate, try making a pot of weak coffee and soaking your dirty gym socks in it. At least that's what it made me think of. I took a couple sips and ran away.
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Postby jogrebe » Apr 15th, '08, 18:40

Yes there has been some changes in my tea tastes over the past year. First nothing major as ripe puerh is still my clear favorite. My main change is that I've been drinking more greens and whites. My other change is that I'm in the process of phasing out oolongs after not being able to fine one that I really like given the abundance of cheaper teas that I enjoy more.

Today I've had some Green Pekoe followed by ripe puerh.
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Postby Pentox » Apr 15th, '08, 19:02

Salsero wrote:
olivierco wrote:I made a pause in my Puer and oolong drinking ... This morning Keemun for breakfast.
Puer, oolong, Keemun?
Someone has kidnapped olivierco and substituted an imposter! Call the tea police!

*The first suspect is always the closest person to the victim ... Pentox, where were you on the night that olivierco was kidnapped? I am putting out some feelers among my law enforcement contacts -- or at least trying to. Law enforcement could become my new hobby.

How could I kidnap myself, wait what am i saying i'm not oliverco... really i'm not. Why do I have something black in my cup? What's going on here... What happened this morning?
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Postby Victoria » Apr 15th, '08, 19:13

This afternoon a nice jade oolong.
Will the work day ever end?
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Postby Chip » Apr 15th, '08, 20:03

A very pleasant Kabusecha Guricha from Pentox...or was it Olivier...

I am finding these guris taste a lot better with cooler brews. Yikes, the Lupicia package directions were right after all, it is a miracle!!!!!!!!!
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Postby Samovar » Apr 15th, '08, 20:06

Last spring I would not even consider drinking green tea. Now that is all that I drink - due to the education that I received from this site.

Now I drink matcha and sencha and occassionally a flavored Chinese green tea.

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Postby Victoria » Apr 15th, '08, 20:11

On my second steep of this jade oolong. Nice everyday oolong but a bit of a let down after yesterday. Mmmmmmm.
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Postby RussianSoul » Apr 15th, '08, 20:31

I am gongfu'ing my Da Hong Pao. Just finished drinking the sixth or seventh steep - I lost count. The tea is winning, I have been at it for a while and am getting tired.
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Postby Eastree » Apr 15th, '08, 20:34

My tastes have changed, I guess. I guess because there are many ways that they have not changed, and some of the ways they have, are only because I have tasted better and found what I enjoy more than what I had before.

Tonight's brew" '06 Nan Jian raw. Yum.
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