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Postby augie » May 21st, '08, 20:54

Space Samurai wrote:SHINCHA!

All my tea arrived today, replenishing my stores.

Oh . . . that is so cruel! LOL Actually I am happy for you. I get dizzy just looking at that green shash. Enjoy.
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Postby RussianSoul » May 21st, '08, 21:34

I am an up-tinth generation of tea drinkers. A third that I know for sure, but likely more than that. Russia is a tea drinking nation, so no wonder.

It's been a Meng Ding Gan Lu day for me. Inspired by Salsero's photo I have been drinking my sample all day. Nice. But that's about it - just nice.
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yunnan gold

Postby jim109 » May 22nd, '08, 00:11

i am a first generation tea drinker. My wife made me yunnan gold this morning...bitter! The lid on the can doesn't close tight, i wonder if that is the problem?? Last's years Yunnan from Adagio was sooooo good! jim
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Postby Beidao » May 22nd, '08, 06:26

My parents drink tea on the weekday mornings since they don't have time to make coffee. Always loose tea and always something like Söderblandning (also called Stockholm blend), Earl Grey etc. My dad only want's "usual tea", ie black and flavoured. In the day and on weekends he and mum drinks coffee only. That's what my grandparents did, too. When I cleaned the house of my dead grandfather, I found a lot of tea bags. Everything was ten years old and never opened.

I've converted my mum to drinkning a lot of loose tea now. She drinks everything except for green. Since I live very close to my parents I use to go there in the evenings and make some tea for her.

Yesterday was quite a lousy tea day. I had green rooibos, two cups of yunnan, yunnan gold and pai mu tan. Could have been drinking so much more... but it's too late now... *sigh*
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