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Is there a special significance to your TeaChat avatar?

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Postby Selaphiel » May 22nd, '08, 09:53

No real significance, its the character for tea :)

At the moment I`m drinking the Darjeeling Phuguri DJ14 AV2
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Postby bambooforest » May 22nd, '08, 10:47

Yes there is a significance. I'm Bamboo Forest.

This morning I had Hosen sencha from Ippodo. I used my brand new kyuusu that I received yesterday. The kyuusu comes from Maiko Tea. Simply awesome-ness.
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Postby TeaStarter » May 22nd, '08, 11:10

Yes, there is.

I was scooping out some of my sample of PI Lo Chun onto my scale and without any effort, it came out to exactly 2.500 grams! (Yes, it's a mg precision one. Don't know how accurate it is though. :wink: )

Has never happened before or since, so I thought I had to take a picture. Not even close to being as beautiful and artistic as Salsero's pics though.
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Postby auggy » May 22nd, '08, 11:11

Well, it's a pink monkey from Japan. I love pink. I love monkeys. I love Japan. And he's cute. I use him for most of my avatars - boards and messaging. I guess I'm kind of boring that way, or at least as boring as someone can be with a pink monkey as an avatar. :wink:

So, getting into this whole flavored black tea thing in the mornings. Pineapple this morning. I wasn't expecting much since it smelled a little musky - kind of like when I dried watermelon in the food dehydrator. But taste-wise it was really good. I used some sugar in it so I think that really set it off. This one might have to be a keeper.

Can I just share - I've been having a horrible time the past week or so drinking greens. Fighting a sinus infection and everything just tasted horridly and drinking sencha... not fun. Well, I think I'm on the upward swing because last night I had some gyokuro (felt very risky, trying a green even when still having some issues with the sinus infection thing), but it was SO good! YAY! I can drink my Japanese greens again! Actually, it caused a problem w/ the Chinese greens, too, but I had been craving some sencha so that's what I'm celebrating. And I'm sure no one really wants to know all that, but I'm happy! :)

Lovely photos today from everyone... Brandon - love the irises. Sal, as always, totally drool-worthy.
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Postby chamekke » May 22nd, '08, 11:22


brandon wrote:Cooled matcha is a lot better than I expected.

Wow, that's gorgeous... and cool-looking. Think of kneeling on tatami in the heat and mugginess of summertime, and receiving that in your hands. Wouldn't you automatically feel 5 degrees cooler just looking at it?
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Postby chamekke » May 22nd, '08, 11:42

My avatar is is a handmade felt pin that I bought from a seller named lupin on Etsy. lupin makes lots of brightly-coloured felt pins and brooches, including many that are tea-related. As lupin says in her profile, "I'm 25 and I like to make stuff. I live in England, I drink a lot of tea & I'm also partial to a nice bit of cake." (Hey, maybe we should invite her to be a member...)

The "tea addict" pin is one that lupin offers regularly. Others include the Blue Teapot Brooch, the Personalised Tea or Coffee taste pin, and the Little Teacup Pin (I very nearly used this as my avatar). My non-tea favourite of hers is probably the Jammie Dodger. (It may help to be British to appreciate this one.)

The reason why I chose this pin for my avatar? Self-evident, I should think. I am a tea addict, and I'm proud :wink:

P.S. For those who aren't familiar with it, Etsy is an e-commerce site for buying and selling handmade things.

P.P.S. I have seriously considered commissioning lupin to make me a chawan and/or kyusu pin :)
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Postby Terrasi » May 22nd, '08, 11:55

I don't remember what tea is in my avatar (probably some sort of ceylon tea with lemongrass). I just put it together out of boredom, and realized how badly my phone takes pictures. I'll probably change it soon.

In my cup: Some sort of white tea w/ rosebuds and jasmine from a local tea shop.
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Postby Salsero » May 22nd, '08, 11:59

brandon wrote:Image

Cooled matcha is a lot better than I expected.
Very cool pic, BH!
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Postby BonBon » May 22nd, '08, 12:00

I don't think there is any real significance to mine. My first was a Nohohon (Sunshine Buddy from my friend in Hawaii got me) that just seemed nice to me. I changed mine up to my current one just because I ordered a tea table and wanted a picture of one of my kyuusus. Nothing special I guess, and fairly stereotypical.

Dang, no tea yet today. Had to bike straight to work. :(
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Postby Jeremy » May 22nd, '08, 12:03

Well its kinda funny, I cant figure out how to get a picture in there, I think i need photo shop to shrink them to like 10mb or something.

Also drinking Drinking: Kagoshima Superior Shincha.
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Postby TeaStarter » May 22nd, '08, 12:26

Jeremy wrote:Well its kinda funny, I cant figure out how to get a picture in there, I think i need photo shop to shrink them to like 10mb or something.

A free alternative to Photoshop would be to install GIMP. That's what I used to resize my avatar. I'm using the Linux version, but there's also a Windows version available. And - the avatar needs to be sized according to pixel size, not file size - as I found out.

So - umm - yeah.. I'm not only turning into a tea snob/connoisseur, I'm actually a Linux snob as well. :twisted:
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Postby RussianSoul » May 22nd, '08, 12:30

In my avatar - an Oncidium orchid I received as a Mother's day present. There is no other special significance, except its flowers have funny faces that make me smile.

In my cup - shincha Hashiri. I treaded very gingerly with it having been spooked by various reports of astringency which is different from bitterness (also noted).

3g, 6oz, 160°F, 1m, 30sec... (this is how far I got...)

I am rewarded with sweetness, silky mouth feel, pleasant light viscosity, freshness of taste, beautiful color and no astringency or bitterness. Out of the three shinchas I tried this far (Hatsumi, Fuka Supreme and Hashiri), Hashiri is my favorite.
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Postby henley » May 22nd, '08, 12:42

augie wrote: Today is the last day of school, for our house!

Us, too. I've been partying all morning w/a class full of pre-schoolers all excited about starting kindergarten in the fall.

Current avatar is a pic I took a few days ago of my bfast. Ideally, this is how I would start every day...

No tea yet. Will remedy that soon!
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Postby TimeforTea » May 22nd, '08, 12:52

No significance. It is a photo I found from a yahoo-images search. I like it because of the glass mug, the pretty brewed tea, the purple flowers in the background--it just all reminded me of springtime.

This morning, I burnt my tongue on a western-brewed cup of oolong #40. Serves me right--I should have been less lazy and used my gaiwan!

Oolong #40 is quickly becoming a favorite tea!
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Postby TimeforTea » May 22nd, '08, 12:54

henley wrote:
augie wrote: Current avatar is a pic I took a few days ago of my bfast. Ideally, this is how I would start every day...!

Henley, I loved your photo when you posted it! It looks fabulous as your avatar now, too!
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