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Is there a special significance to your TeaChat avatar?

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Postby Sam. » May 23rd, '08, 17:25

Nope! Just a really great photo I found online!
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Postby CynTEAa » May 23rd, '08, 20:44

Hi TeaFolks! Been away for work and catching up. Hope everyone is doing well.
My avie is face. Ilya asked me for a pic for my profile and I just left it. Getting restless to change but it was taken by a dear friend in Florida where I used to live, and so it makes me think of the visit (and the beach!). :)

In my cup today - still maintaining that Yunnan Gold habit in the mornings and then I was a busy as could be but squeezed in a cup of Nepal First Flush. Already thinking about what I'll have tomorrow!
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Postby jazz88 » May 23rd, '08, 21:42

The geisha doll from my website ( oriental mood. Have a weakness for anything Japanese.
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