Sunday 7/20/08, is your TeaLeaf better or worse?

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Another annual checkup, is your TeaLeaf better than, worse than, or about the same as last year?

Better than
About the same
Worse than
I am a newbie experiencing better leaf since starting
I am a newbie experiencing leaf that is about the same since starting
I am a newbie experiencing worse leaf since starting
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Sunday 7/20/08, is your TeaLeaf better or worse?

Postby Chip » Jul 20th, '08, 02:12

Welcome everyone to TeaDay ... let's brew and share what is our cups today...all day!

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic continues our annual checkup. Are you drinking better tea leaf overall than last year, about the same...or worse? Please explain. If you are a newbie...then since you started.

I am sincerely looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone today. Bottoms up, refill, repeat.
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Postby olivierco » Jul 20th, '08, 02:16

A Thurbo Estate 2nd flush Darjeeling and … is that … why yes, I do believe it is a special appearance by the California Raisins! Where on earth have they been keeping themselves for the last 20 years?


You know, I think we are doing just fine without Salpico what's-his-name. He was getting to be kind of a downer anyway, you know: Moaning and groaning about one thing or another. Who needs that? Not me! Not you! Let's party...

Anybody wanna dance? ¡Epa! pa'adelante mamacita, la riqueza que eres, chocolate con azucar, gozate una b*la conmigo.
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Postby chamekke » Jul 20th, '08, 02:20

Better than. Undoubtedly.

I'm just finishing my very first taste of gyokuro, so of course... :lol:

Seriously, though, I owe a great deal of this to TeaChat; since joining in April, I have learned SO much about tea and teawares. A great deal of the "better than" has to do with my discoveries over the last three and a half months. How did I survive without this forum before?

Group hug!!!

(Can you tell, I'm still buzzed on that gyokuro :wink: )
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Postby olivierco » Jul 20th, '08, 02:25

My tealeaf is somewhat better than last year.
Although I am quite pleased with the teas I drink, I am always looking for other teas. Thanks to teachatters' advices, I had some good new teas this year.

This morning Silver needles.
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Postby Geekgirl » Jul 20th, '08, 02:35

olivierco wrote:
Anybody wanna dance? ¡Epa! pa'adelante mamacita, la riqueza que eres, chocolate con azucar, gozate una b*la conmigo.[/size]

You wanna dance, eh?

Your trumpets are no match for... um, what's that smell? *snif*snif*

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Postby omegapd » Jul 20th, '08, 03:59

Mine's about the same in terms of quality, maybe a tad better if I throw in a few fancy Oolong samples from Victoria, but overall its stayed the same. I will admit to trying a lot of different things so far this year and straying somewhat from my usual blacks...

Adagio Pu erh in the cup this morning at work. I've been on a Pu kick as of late and am dying to try some new samples I received, but am waiting on a new pot I ordered. Hopefully Monday. Gonna give the Adagio one a second infusion in a bit and see how it holds up.

Happy Sunday!

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Postby olivierco » Jul 20th, '08, 06:38

Houjicha with my lunch.

Darjeeling (or perhaps Wuyi) in a few minutes.
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Postby Beidao » Jul 20th, '08, 06:51

Have had Keemun. Am now having Yunnan FOP. I long so much for something Oolong, but I have to finish of these huge piles of black tea leves :(
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Postby witches brew » Jul 20th, '08, 08:29

I would say my tea is much better than when I joined this forum. I've found much better sources, thanks to my fellow TeaChatters.

My tisanes have stayed about the same, with exception of lavender, which is much fresher from a new local source.
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Postby Riene » Jul 20th, '08, 09:15

I still drink the same brands/bags/leaf of black tea that I did a year ago, so that is no different.

I am experimenting with oolongs and greens so that is a change, but I'm not sure if it's an improvement yet.
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Postby britt » Jul 20th, '08, 09:21

I was just getting into higher quality tea a little more than a year ago, but I was lucky that I started with and Hou De Asian as the vendors for Japanese and Chinese-Taiwanese teas, respectively. Because of that, the quality of what I'm brewing a year later is about the same (though my brewing skills have hopefully improved!). I have, however, significantly expanded the variety of teas I purchase from these two vendors. I started with Japanese sencha and Taiwanese high mountain oolongs. Since then I have added gyokuro and matcha to the Japanese side; Dan Cong, Wuyi, Yunnan golden tips, and silver needles to the Chinese selection; and aged, high fired, and greens to the Taiwanese selection.
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Postby Jack_teachat » Jul 20th, '08, 09:48

Was just getting into tea this time last year so I would say definitely better tea. However, I am learning so much all the time and my brewing technique is getting better also so that all adds up to a better tea experience.

Fukamushi Sencha Supreme 2008 Shincha for me today while watching the golf. Come on Greg Norman!

Jack :D
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Postby kymidwife » Jul 20th, '08, 11:20

My tea is much better than it was a year ago. Last year at this time, I'd only had grocery store teas and Teavana. I still enjoy a few of Teavana's teas very much, but discovering Adagio and Teachat really opened up some new doors for me. Since that time, I've sampled teas from several of the better vendors. I had my first-ever oolongs and have fallen hopelessly in love. I also had my first decent (ok ok Chip, better than decent... excellent so far) greens from O-Cha. Yes, I too have partaken of the Fukamushi Sencha Supreme... and I have some of the Midori waiting in the fridge to be opened, and a gyokuro as well.

I made a pitiful attempt to gongfu this morning. I don't have any of the proper equipment, so I improvised and have had 4 infusions so far of Adagio's Pouchong. I'll be honest and say that so far, my inexperienced palatte can't detect much difference in flavor between this and western style brewing... may be the tea itself or may be the fact that I am not brewing in a proper vessel... but I did use the proper ratio of leaf to water and short brew times. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious... I'm just not picking up on those intricate variances with each infusion.

I guess I have to break down and buy some more proper teaware soon. I don't own anything except a glass teapot and a perfect teamaker from teavana. I'm loving my oolongs so much, I really want to try doing the gongfu thing correctly.

Have a great tea day everyone.

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Postby Tea na » Jul 20th, '08, 11:23

olivierco wrote:Houjicha with my lunch.

Darjeeling (or perhaps Wuyi) in a few minutes.


Where are you in France? OOOooo and what are you having for lunch? I have only visited France twice and was blown away by the food. I started drinking tea when I was on my first visit.....

Have a wonderful day!
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Postby Tea na » Jul 20th, '08, 11:30

I voted "much better". I only started with loose tea a little while ago, so my tea is MUCH better than it was last year.

No tea yet this morning. Still waiting on the water....

Happy Tea Day
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