Tuesday TeaDay 7/22/08 "YowCha!"

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

YowCha, this one might hurt a little. What percentage of your acquisitions over the last year are you actually using?

100% and proud of it!
More than 90%
More than 80%
More than 70%
More than 60%
More than 50%
More than 40%
More than 30%
More than 20%
No votes
More than 10%
Total votes: 51

Tuesday TeaDay 7/22/08 "YowCha!"

Postby Chip » Jul 22nd, '08, 01:08

Yesterday's poll indicated Teachatters mostly significantly increased their teaware over the last year.

Welcome to TeaDay everyone! Shall we brew and share what is in our cups today...all day?

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is still part of our annual checkup. TeaWare success or failure. What percentage of your acquisitions over the last year are you actually using? Yowch...this one might hurt a little!

OK...looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone today. Bottoms up, refill, repeat....often.
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Postby olivierco » Jul 22nd, '08, 01:13

You know, I am staring to enjoy this place a lot more without that irritating Salsero character hanging around, leering at women and drinking up all the dandelion wine. Let’s hope he gets lost in the Alps or mugged while sleeping on a Mediterranean beach.

This is a picture of 1980 Zhu-Bao Ching Tou, sheng puerh that was wrapped in bamboo.

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Postby Geekgirl » Jul 22nd, '08, 01:36

aaaaaaawww, that's the teensiest little teapot I've seen! So cute! With the little bear, and the teeny-tiny cup... I'm going into sugarshock! :lol:
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Postby bi lew chun » Jul 22nd, '08, 01:46

The only thing I don't use is a tetsubin I got off eBay. Maybe I'll find a use for it someday.
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Postby criteaque » Jul 22nd, '08, 02:48

100%!!! That's the benefit of having a single glass teapot and two different sets of cups.

Utilitarians unite! :lol:
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Postby Victoria » Jul 22nd, '08, 07:20

I have no real Idea. Some stuff I bought earlier in the year I don't use at all. Some stuff I rarely use and some stuff I use every day. So I went 50%, but I'm sure it's really higher. I'm finding I like to switch my cups nows, after my first morning brew that is.
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Postby soapy » Jul 22nd, '08, 08:21

the only things I don't use that I bought last year is my monkey yixing pot & small black hand painted flowered one

sorry having issues posting a photo....

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Postby Riene » Jul 22nd, '08, 09:17

I use all of my pots, but I'm stuck in a rut with the teas I drink.
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Postby omegapd » Jul 22nd, '08, 09:50

All of them, too. I went from one teapot that brewed everything to dedicating pots to certain favorites. As long as those favorites remain favorites, the pots get use.

Started this morning with a very nice Ceylon from Upton.

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Postby joelbct » Jul 22nd, '08, 09:51

I'm assuming you meant "TeaWare Acquisitions," as opposed to general crap we bought Image

<--- Kago Shincha from Ito En

Almost time to place a regular sencha order...
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Postby Zodduska » Jul 22nd, '08, 10:07

I voted 70% but when I thought about it a little more it's probably closer to 90%
The only things I don't really use anymore are a set of tiny porcelain lined yixing cups and two japanese pottery cups I found at my local salvation army which im pretty sure are sake cups anyway. From the perspective of total amount of money spent on teaware I easily use more than 99% :)

Teas on the other hand.. I definitely have some that are being neglected.

In my brown Seigan hagi yunomi is some outstanding teamasters 2 year old tree baozhong. 8)

Happy Tea Day Everyone!
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Postby elchai » Jul 22nd, '08, 10:11

Well, I splurged on my first tea order, and found that most of it I am not that crazy about. I drink more of the Birthday sampler and the samplers that henley sent me more than what I ordered! :roll:

But, my pots and cups I use every day. That may change when I go visit my family next week and go shopping in the Asian markets in Atlanta! Im so excited! :D

Birthday tea with milk and sugar this morning.
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Postby chamekke » Jul 22nd, '08, 10:58

It's hard to answer today's poll question :( Some of my tea-ceremony teawares are used sporadically by their very nature, - sometimes only once a year - either because they're highly seasonal (and only brought out for one or two uses), or 'cause they are reserved for very specific temae. If I've used something only once since buying it, does that count?

Earlier this spring I did a jettison of teawares (mostly of the yunomi variety), donating them to a local charity shop. If only I'd known about TeaSwap! But most of them were of the less-than-stellar type, so perhaps it's just as well. Still, I felt so much better afterwards. More shelf space for the really beloved tea things :)
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Postby auggy » Jul 22nd, '08, 11:25

I have a pot I don't really use, but that's it.

Hibiscus tea this morning. Most of the pastors are gone on a mission trip to Mexico this week, so that's good. Makes for a quiet week. Work still makes me grumpy. This place creates bad attitude.

Have a vet appointment for tomorrow. Kitty with the bacterial infection is not healing well. Need more antibiotics. Other kitty needs another steroids shot, too, as her eating has dropped off. She's still feeling pretty good and not longer that wobbly when walking. Now if she would just eat....
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Postby henley » Jul 22nd, '08, 11:44

elchai wrote: I drink more of the Birthday sampler and the samplers that henley sent me more than what I ordered!

Glad you're enjoying the teas! :D What did you order?

Of the teaware acquired in the past year, I'd have to say I'm using 100% of it but not 100% of the time. Depends on my mood (& sometimes my tea) as to which teacup I chose for the day.

Slept in this morning so getting a late start on the day. Had vanilla mint w/bfast. Hope to spend the afternoon w/my Hatsumi. I like this tea but am very intimidated by it since it only has a 30ish day shelf life. :?
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