Saturday TeaRoom Teaday 7/26/08 What book genre?

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TeaRoom type discussions this weekend. When you pick up a book for pleasure, what genre do you choose? (I had to do some "interesting combining.")

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Diet/exercise/sports/self help
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New Age/occult/supernatural
SciFi/fantasy/Horror/mystery/manga/graphic novels
True Crime/Sociology
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Saturday TeaRoom Teaday 7/26/08 What book genre?

Postby Chip » Jul 26th, '08, 01:51

Taking a brief hiatus from the normal tea related questions for just a few days this weekend. Instead, going with a couple "TeaRoom type discussions." And give us a chance to learn a little about each other.

Yesterday' TeaRoom discussion...a surprising number of voters reported that their favorite book that was made into a movie had a good result. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

A great day for TeaDay...let's do some serious brewing and share what is in our cups!

Today's TeaRoom discussion topic is about what do you read when you pick up a book for pleasure, what genre do you choose? Please share. Adagio's CynTEAa helped with this topic.

I hope everyone enjoys their TeaDay and can share a part of it with us. Brew on....
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Haiwan 9908, *Lao Cha Tou* Old Tea Nugget

Postby Salsero » Jul 26th, '08, 02:09

    Milles remerciements au bon copain de la belle France
(or words to that effect in proper French)

A thousand thanks are not enough repayment for Olivierco’s service, but it’s all I can afford with the dollar so low and the Euro so high.

(On a less happy note, my European editor has asked to step down from his postion in the organization in order to spend more time with his family and to pursue other opportunities. Speaking for the entire staff here at Salsero Enterprises, LLC, I extend heartfelt thanks for his invaluable contributions in the past and best wishes on his exciting enterprises in future.)

I return from my distant travels bearing snapshots of romantic ports of call. Today’s subject is the much vaunted 2007 Haiwan 9908 -- *Lao Cha Tou* -- a “shu” or “cooked” puerh brick composed of 1-, 2- and 3-year old fermented tea nuggets. As you can see, this tasty and exotic treat is a specialty of the Bodega Cabudare. I suppose that tea bag leaning against the Bodum glass filled with shu contains one of the old tea nuggets.

While I had read about this stuff in the distant past, it is Dizzwave and InsanityLater that I must thank for actually getting me to try some.

If for some bizarre reason your spirit is possessed of a desire to look at this scene in more detail, click on the photo.
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Postby hop_goblin » Jul 26th, '08, 02:17

I just can't get into fantasy or fiction.
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Postby chamekke » Jul 26th, '08, 02:17

When I pick up a book for fun these days, mostly it's to do with Japanese tea ceremony OR one of the arts that play a role in it (e.g. Japanese calligraphy).

But I picked "Other" because I'm not necessarily reading about "tea" per se (as in the drink). It's more to do with the culture around the tea... which covers a huge amount of ground.

My yunomi is now empty, 'cause it's nearly bedtime... but a few minutes ago it contained a second steep of delicious Dragonwell!
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Postby criteaque » Jul 26th, '08, 02:50

Props to CynTEAa for this more intellectual subject of discussion :P

Voted Philosophy / etc. Would add sociology and anthropology to it as well, although I must say Chip's categories are well grouped...

Baudrillard is a clear fav at the moment, with System of Objects and The Consumer Society being two absolutely fascinating books :idea:

Golden Yunnan this morning (this one's for you CynT')
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Postby Geekgirl » Jul 26th, '08, 03:00

Just brewed up a pitcher of oolong for tomorrow. It was HOT here today. In the 80s. (To this Oregonian, that's too d*mn hot!)

No tea tonight, I'm drinking a French 75. Yummy!

For me, Sci-fi/fantasy/comics tops the list of recreational reading, with mystery/thriller in close second. Following are photos of my absolute favorite feature in my home office (my lair or den!) If you click the photos, Flickr allows me to put notes on the various "treasures" contained on these shelves.


i will not be posting the disarray of banker boxes, grocery bags and other sundry "storage" materials full of books that currently reside in my den closet. :shock:
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Postby omegapd » Jul 26th, '08, 03:09

hop_goblin wrote:I just can't get into fantasy or fiction.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... (with your user name, you're kidding right? I'm not. I can't stand the stuff :wink:)

I'm a History and Religion buff. A close second is my different/favorite hobbies.

Glad you made it back home, Salsero.

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Postby Salsero » Jul 26th, '08, 03:19

hop_goblin wrote:I just can't get into fantasy or fiction.
I'm with Omegapd and you on this.

omegapd wrote: Glad you made it back home, Salsero.
Was there ever any doubt! :shock:
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Postby Geekgirl » Jul 26th, '08, 03:29

Salsero wrote:
hop_goblin wrote:I just can't get into fantasy or fiction.
I'm with Omegapd and you on this.

I'm a relative latecomer to Sci-fi and fantasy, having discovered it late in my teens or early 20s. Due to a very paranoid and repressive upbringing, and the literary naivety of my parents, I read hundreds of "classics" as a child/teenager. In my parents' minds, if it was considered a "classic," it was probably safe.

When I was about 15, I read Clan of the Cave Bear, (Auel is a local author!) This was, I believe, my first introduction to the genre, and my mother found it on my desk in my room. I remember that she became completely hysterical, having picked it up and upon opening it to see what this strange book was I was reading, found references to cavemen, which were proscribed as impossible by our religion, and um... well... "buttsecks." I also recall that I was grounded from visiting the library unsupervised, due to my inability to "control" my reading material. :lol:

Of course, all this did was create a voracious appetite for sci-fi, and over the next few years I plowed through author after author writing future-sci, thriller-sci, space-sci, and alternate reality-sci, with only minor detours to read everything Robert Ludlum ever wrote. I had become much more sly with my library habits by this time. I remember another incident when I was about 18, meeting a boy I liked at the library, in the sci-fi section. My mother, suspicious, came looking for me, and was upset about the boy, but completely unhinged by the unholy sci-fi! :lol:

Ah memories!
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Postby doyoulovedee » Jul 26th, '08, 03:55

sorry anti sci-fiers
i enjoy my star wars books :(

i finally figured out how to make my adagio gunpowder right.
yummy.. nom nom!
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Postby Trey Winston » Jul 26th, '08, 04:43

I'm an omnivore when it comes to books. I just finished A Thousand Days about JFK's presidency, and I'm now re-reading Excession by Iain M Banks. I'm a sucker for really good SciFi, but there's not much of it.
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Postby chrl42 » Jul 26th, '08, 06:20

It may sound a bit snobbish.

Two of kind that refresh my head tend to be poems - specially asian poems such as Li Bai, Tao Yuan Ming and such

Or Photographies..
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Postby Carnelian » Jul 26th, '08, 08:29

Sherlock Holmes is never a bad reading choice in my opinion, I think I'm only one short story compilation from having read the whole canon.
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Postby olivierco » Jul 26th, '08, 08:33

Difficult poll. I own many books (over 5000 volumes I guess) and am still continuing buying some.

I mainly read and buy books from the following categories.

SciFi/mystery/manga/graphic novels

This morning keemun and houjicha karigane with my lunch.
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Postby Aphroditea » Jul 26th, '08, 08:45

There is no one genre that I always reach for - but I picked Sci-fi/fatantsy/etc since books in that category come up the most often - especially right now since we are doing some cleaning/rearranging and they are the only books left on the shelf for the moment that aren't my school books (and as much as I enjoy my school reads, I am not counting them as 'for pleasure'!).

Golden Monkey this morning before making some sausage queso and some fruit punch and heading off to a swim party to celebrate the birthday of our fearless Browncoat Captain, Beth.

(as a side note I will also be unvieling the demo versions of the tea and tea canisters we may be using for my Sereniteas which will have their first public appearance at Dragon Con in a month!)
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