Thursday 7/31/08 Favorite tea for the month of July?

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Your favorite tea for the month of July was from ... ?

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Thursday 7/31/08 Favorite tea for the month of July?

Postby Chip » Jul 31st, '08, 01:49

In yesterday's poll, most TeaChatters indicated they had overpurchased tea this year. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome everyone to TeaDay. Let's brew and share what is in our cups today, all day!

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is our monthly disclosure of our favorite tea this past month. Please share....details please. Country, type, etc.

As always, I am looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone. Bottoms up!
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Postby olivierco » Jul 31st, '08, 01:52

Ippodo Kanro gyokuro, not my all time favorite but a good gyokuro.

This morning keemun
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Tobikanna kyusu by Gyokko

Postby Salsero » Jul 31st, '08, 02:09

Sometimes the teaware is as much of the experience as the tea.
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Re: Tobikanna kyusu by Gyokko

Postby Geekgirl » Jul 31st, '08, 02:17

Salsero wrote:Sometimes the teaware is as much of the experience as the tea.


Japan was the last minute darkhorse winner for me, due to exploring matcha this week. I will miss it for the next couple of days, as I will be traveling. (yay!)
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Postby omegapd » Jul 31st, '08, 02:24

Tough one, but I have to say China. I've had some excellent China Blacks this month...

Going against the norm here again tonight with some Adagio's Apricot Green.

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Postby joelbct » Jul 31st, '08, 07:05

I actually said China as well, also because of a couple stellar China Blacks I've gotten my hands on lately. On average though, the answer would be "Chinpandia..." Or Japachindia..." ie, can't pick just one.

<----- Drinking Iced Assam, which I made last night as a time saver because I have to be at work 3 hours earlier than usual today, for a meeting in Brooklyn... woohoo (falls back asleep...) Image
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Postby olivierco » Jul 31st, '08, 07:51

Houjicha with my lunch.
Kanro gyokuro in a few minutes.
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Postby CynTEAa » Jul 31st, '08, 08:38

Oh, it was that makinohara sencha for me. But there have been some other stand outs. A very nice Assam, an excellent keemun, an impressive Darjeeling second flush yesterday. And then all my usual the Golden Yunnan that starts my days. Mmmm!
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Re: Tobikanna kyusu by Gyokko

Postby augie » Jul 31st, '08, 08:48

Salsero wrote:Sometimes the teaware is as much of the experience as the tea.

:cry: Especially when something falls on the handle and you have to say goodbye.

I voted China b/c this was a Pu Ehr month.

Saw a cool bumper sticker on a car last night: "Make Tea - Not War" Had a tea pot and cup drawing all in black & white.
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Postby Aphroditea » Jul 31st, '08, 09:16

Well LAST month was decidedly Taiwan....but this month has tipped more in favor of China. Although in China I suppose these really wouldn't be considered seperate....

However, I follow no consistent path and just flow where the river of tea takes me. (another very Taoist thing say......) And it looks like it might be taking me to India for awhile, but we shall see....the river of tea is mysterious and its path always changing.

In My Cup: Castleton (Moonlight) 2nd Flush Darjeeling from TeaEmporium. A gift from Salsero. And a most fantastic gift it is....excuse me while I lose myself in this cup :)
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Postby auggy » Jul 31st, '08, 10:21

This month was Japan for me - I was drinking sencha like it was going out of style. I really enjoyed the hiki shincha that I got from Special Teas, of all places. Sweet, smooth, very yummy.

TKY for me this morning. I ended up unintentionally crashing at 8 last night. Dead to the world until DH woke me up at midnight to tell me to go to bed. So I forgot to clean out and set up the zo for this morning, so it was at 195 and had just enough water for two cups of tea.
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Postby Victoria » Jul 31st, '08, 10:31

Tawian for me. If not for some of the incredible oolongs discovered in the Oolong Pass Box, I might have actually shocked everyone and gone with India.

I have discovered some truly amazing new Darjeelings this month.
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Postby Riene » Jul 31st, '08, 10:33

I suppose Twinings Irish Breakfast was Indian tea at one point.

Am on a road trip, and that's all I have right now.
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Postby TimeforTea » Jul 31st, '08, 12:14

Mostly Taiwan; China a close second.

This morning I enjoyed a nice mug of Peach oolong. Can't wait to enjoy it again later on ice.

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch at a Thai restaurant. I asked for a cup of Jasmine tea, and a large glass of ice--it made the perfect iced tea!!
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Postby Victoria » Jul 31st, '08, 12:23

Still working my way though the wuyi samples I took from the oolong box pass.

So today, FLT Taiwan Wuyi, is my first cup work.

Have a nice day everyone!
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