Saturday 8/16/08 Dogs Days of Summer, Iced Vs Hot Tea

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The dog days of Summer are upon us, what ratio of hot to iced teas do you drink as the temperature heats up?

100% HOT
90% hot/10% iced
80% hot/20% iced
70% hot/30% iced
60% hot/40% iced
50% hot/50% iced
40% hot/60% iced
No votes
30% hot/70% iced
20% hot/80% iced
10% hot/90% iced
0% hot/100% iced
No votes
Total votes: 53

Saturday 8/16/08 Dogs Days of Summer, Iced Vs Hot Tea

Postby Chip » Aug 16th, '08, 04:06

Yesterday, a surprising majority of TeaChatters indicated they drink all tea, no coffee. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome everyone to TeaDay ... in our virtual TeaRoom today. Shall we brew and share what is our cups today, all day.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is another comparison of tastes. Since it is the dog days of Summer, what ratio of hot tea to iced tea do you drink as the heat and humidity starts to swelter? Do you have a favorite summer iced tea?

As always, I am looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone. Bottoms up.
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Fukamushi sencha

Postby Salsero » Aug 16th, '08, 04:10

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Postby Selaphiel » Aug 16th, '08, 05:21

About 80/20 in favor of hot. Tea does not make me any warmer when it is already hot, a good tea can be soothing in the heat.

No tea today so far, I'm having a bad hangover here, so can't even stand the thought about tea at the moment :(
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Postby omegapd » Aug 16th, '08, 05:30

It's probably a 50/50 mix for me right now, but I drink iced tea all year long like the majority of us do in the South. It never goes out of style...

Good to see a pic from you Salsero. :wink:

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Postby Trey Winston » Aug 16th, '08, 05:34

100 percent hot for me. I did drink some chilled SN last summer, but not this year.
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Postby Jack_teachat » Aug 16th, '08, 06:42

About a month ago (when it was a bit warmer here in England!) I was drinking about 50/50. However, now the weather has returned to it's normal pattern I am back to about 90/10 hot/iced.

Yunnan Gold for breakfast, Japanese Green and Long Jing later no doubt!

Sal that is probably my favourite so far, it is now my desktop background!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jack :D
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Postby Riene » Aug 16th, '08, 08:22

It's hot whre I live, and we drink iced tea and lunch and dinner year round, just more so in the summer. However, no matter the temperature, I always have hot tea with breakfast.

Salsero, I really like that photo. There's something soothing about it, maybe the blue tones. Is your pot silver? That's a pretty cup and chatuku as well. I'm afraid that I"ll be coveting one soon, and I'm not even much of an Asian teaware fan.
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Postby hop_goblin » Aug 16th, '08, 09:16

Sun tea is my friend!
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Postby Riene » Aug 16th, '08, 09:42


leaves unfurl, the scent
rises in cold morning air
peace within my cup

Golden Monkey in the cup today.
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Re: Fukamushi sencha

Postby soapy » Aug 16th, '08, 09:45

Salsero wrote:Image

great pic!!

have you ever thought of making prints and selling them on
I would buy this one.... :) (and everything in it.... :wink: )
what type of tea?
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Postby kymidwife » Aug 16th, '08, 09:54

I always think Sal's pictures have the makings of a lovely photo book (I wanted to say "coffee table" book but that seemed peculiar... but you know what I mean). Would be a great gift book... lovely photos, a short description of the tea and the wares. There are definitely some great photos to do calendars with as well. Is there a publisher in the house?

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Postby olivierco » Aug 16th, '08, 09:56

No ice tea for me.

Kirameki shincha right now.
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Postby kymidwife » Aug 16th, '08, 09:58

Oh... and just so I don't wander precariously off-topic...

I voted 20 hot / 80 iced. Not because it's summer... but because I drink mostly iced tea all the time. In fact, since May, I've drank more hot tea than I ever have drank in my life... before then it was 100% cold. I have hot tea in the morning, and hot tea after I come home from work... usually at least 2 cups each time... and iced tea all day long in between.

In my cup this morning was some Royal Russian black tea gifted to me by Russian Soul. I couldn't read all the writing on the package.... but it is delicious.

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Postby auggy » Aug 16th, '08, 10:39

Sal, what's in the little blue painted pot - looks fernlike? And those flowers look similar to the vines that try to eat my bushes. Though they look prettier in your picture than when they are killing my plants! :)

I said 90/10 - the 10 comes from when I think there might be more life in my tea, but I just can't find out at the moment, so I brew it up, pour it in a bottle and stick it in the fridge. I usually have it the next day with lunch.

No tea yet for me today. Trying to decide what to have. I think I hear some darjeeling calling my name.
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Postby Beanbean » Aug 16th, '08, 11:00

The only reason I couldn't respond "100% hot" is because on the very rare occasion that I go out for a meal, I order iced tea. I never make it at home.

And speaking of iced tea, I had to go home to Maine last weekend for my grandmother's funeral and while I was there I went out to lunch with my brother and his friend from high school. I ordered iced tea and thought nothing of it until my first sip. Ugh!! It was SWEET TEA! In MAINE! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

I drank water instead and then bought a box of Red Rose to enjoy while staying with my aunt.
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