Sunday TeaRoom/TeaDay 9/07/08 What's for dessert?

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TeaRoom TeaDay. We had dinner, now it is time for dessert. What is your favorite type of dessert when eating out?

Chocolate takes top priority
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Sunday TeaRoom/TeaDay 9/07/08 What's for dessert?

Postby Chip » Sep 7th, '08, 01:58

Welcome to another TeaRoom TeaDay, an even more casual interpretation of TeaDay. I hope we can share many cups in our virtual TeaRoom today, all day. Shall we get brewing?

Yesterday, responders certainly indicated they like a wide range of ethnic foods. The top 3 were Japanese, Italian, and Indian. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

TeaRoom TeaPoll and tasty discussion topic. Now that we had dinner, what is for dessert. This is tough to list, so, forgive me if I miss your favorite, but I had to keep it general. You don't have to.

So, what is your favorite dessert, and do you want TEA with dessert? Please share.

I am looking forward to sharing desert and TeaDay with everyone today. Bottoms up ...
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Postby brandon » Sep 7th, '08, 02:01

Tiramisu - ethnic?
Cobbler (apple, cherry, blueberry...) - Pie?

When eating out I almost certainly do not want tea with desert.
The charge for some hot water and a teabag is shameless.
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Postby Victoria » Sep 7th, '08, 02:05

I like pie sometimes for breakfast, but I usually don't order dessert after a meal.
But sometimes, I'll go for a creme brulee.

No tea, it's probably too late in the day.
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Sencha Premium

Postby Salsero » Sep 7th, '08, 02:18


For dessert: Eat the surprisingly large spent leaves, which can be viewed HERE.
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Postby Geekgirl » Sep 7th, '08, 02:41

Love that cup, it's getting some very nice age on it. The little tribal man is a little spooky, but spooky is good.

I LOVE dessert. The other night I had a delicious PEACH crisp. I love fruit crisp. Creme brulee, tarts, pumpkin pie, CUPCAKES! berry trifle... I just love dessert. Chocolate desserts fall somewhere in the middle for me. I don't often order tea at a restaurant. If I need a beverage with dessert, it's usually coffee, Irish Coffee or a snifter of scotch. Yummy.
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Postby olivierco » Sep 7th, '08, 05:09

Too many kind of desserts: I am unable to chose only one type.

Frangipane desserts are among my favorite ones though

This morning Yunnan golden tips.
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Postby omegapd » Sep 7th, '08, 05:29

Like others, it's hard to pick just one and I normally don't eat dessert in a restaurant but I guess cheesecake would be a pretty good bet.

Then there's cobbler, ice cream, pie, etc. I wonder why I even eat regular meals when I could just eat desserts all day. 8)

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Postby Selaphiel » Sep 7th, '08, 07:50

It really depends on what kind of meal I had for dinner. My overall favorite would be a homemade dark chocolate cake filled with warm dark chocolate, but you need a drink to complete that dessert, a nice glass of port wine.

But to a spicy meal like Indian or Chinese, it can be good with a high quality Sorbet garnished with exotic fresh fruit. It really freshens you up and cools you off after a spicy meal.

Having Yutaka Midori, gotta love this tea.
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Postby Riene » Sep 7th, '08, 08:43

Pie, I think, if I had to choose just one. I make excelent chocolate, pecan, coconut cream, and lemon pie. Also cobblers....blackberry, peach, cherry. Mmm.

Cake is good too. Devil's food, spice cake with cream cheese frosting, lemon cake, fruit cake....

Rice pudding...tapioca...

And cookies. Mustn't leave out cookies! Tollhouse, butterscotch, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles...
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Postby Beanbean » Sep 7th, '08, 09:39

Flan or creme brulee. Love cheesecake but only plain, NY style cheesecake. Please don't put fruit, pumpkin, chocolate or anything else in my cheesecake!!

I LOVE pie but I'm more of a fruit (pumpkin!) pie for breakfast type of gal. Yummy!

I'm drinking a blended tea this morning. Black teas from India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
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Postby Smari » Sep 7th, '08, 09:42

I chose frozen but rarely order desserts when I'm out. Hehe, if anything it would be green tea ice cream 8)

No tea this morning yet, but might go for some of Den's fukamushi sencha.

Sal- love that sculpture of the little tribal man, looks so lively!
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Postby olivierco » Sep 7th, '08, 10:04

Darjeeling Phuguri FTGFOP1 with some apple crumble this afternoon
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Postby augie » Sep 7th, '08, 11:38

Salsero, that is the most interesting statue in the background. What is it?

I can't pick from a general list. It depends on where I am and what the choices are! I need to have a look first. Like tea, I love shu Pu Ehr. However it depends on what the day is like, what I have a craving for, and what the selection looks like when I get to the kitchen!
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Postby jazz88 » Sep 7th, '08, 11:47

I rarely choose deserts after meal. If I do I usually go for some ice cream. Really love culfi (Indian ice cream) – very rich and flavorful. Also like French style fruit tarts.
No tea yet. Going to brew some jasmine oolong soon.
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Postby Victoria » Sep 7th, '08, 11:58

This morning's first cup is a first flush Dargeeling by Lupicia.

Have a nice day everyone!
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