Just start to sell tea on ebay 0.99USD

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Just start to sell tea on ebay 0.99USD

Postby eoolongcom » Aug 24th, '09, 02:17

I have just start my tea business on ebay my website eoolong my ebay. it has two weeks gone, only one customer buy tea samples. Any suggestion?

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Re: Just start to sell tea on ebay 0.99USD

Postby cyberhoofer » Aug 29th, '09, 17:47

I just visited your so called 'site' within eBay, just for curiosity.

First of all, you don't tell anything about yourself. Secondly, you only have one product set for sale. Cheap, but S&H are 3 times the product price.

Thirdly, 'your' product originates from a large corporation & is bulk tea in nylon pyramid bags.

For a conscious connoisseur the above mentioned variables are a 'no go'.

No offense, but perhaps all that has something to do with the lack of potential customers.

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