New te website up-Please give advice critism?

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New te website up-Please give advice critism?

Postby Greenteaguru » Nov 19th, '14, 16:40

Hi people.
I'm Oli from www dot greenteaguru dot co dot uk
We're a brand spanking new tea business selling from U.K, worldwide.
The website has been online for a few weeks and I'd be delighted to receive any constructive critism or advise on how may be bettered.

I'm not entirley finished with it yet, I will be adding videos, starter kits and info for newbies with in the coming months.

Please let me know what you think! :D


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Re: New te website up-Please give advice critism?

Postby Nefarious » Sep 4th, '15, 11:37

I know the site rules say "don't reply to old posts" but I was searching greenteaguru, having just received my first order and I saw this unanswered request for feedback...

Oli, the site looks fine to me. Navigation is straightforward and purchasing was a breeze - I liked that you had several raw Peurh to choose from and I have just taken possession of 3 samples, as well as 3 other teas (and a bonus sample)! I am just on my 2nd brew of the first one - the

I have been mostly buying my tea from Canton Teas recently and I use my order history to refer back to the teas that I am drinking. However, once they are out of stock, the links tend not to work. One thing I would ask of your site is that you keep all the history of teas you have sold - when you buy a whole beeng cha with the expectation of keeping it for several months at least, it's frustrating to lose access to the tasting notes, reviews, etc!

I also particularly liked the fact that some of the teas had dedicated YouTube clips for them - this is a really nice touch and is genuinely useful.

Before this order I have owned 4 raw beeng cha (and various other teas of course) and I have a pretty good idea of what I like but I certainly don't have the vocabulary yet for a review of what I'm drinking, but I will certainly let you know what works for me :)

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