friends and business

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friends and business

Postby Emma » Oct 25th, '05, 10:48

Looking for advice. I want to open a tea room. A good friend wants to be my partner and do this together. I would like to do this, but not at the risk of losing her friendship. I have alway heard it is a bad idea to go into business with a friend. Very undecided on this matter. Any input would be appreciated


Postby GATea » Sep 26th, '06, 19:15

Don't do it! My friend worked in my tea room and just did not like me telling her what to do. She couldn't handle constructive criticism and we mutually agreed she should not be working for me. We are still friends but not as close.

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Postby zipp » Sep 27th, '06, 21:38

I understand what Emma was saying but was that as an employee/boss stiuation or equal partner. Though I think even as partners in a business you will find that under the best of situations you will end up just business partners and no more.

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