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franchise info

Postby vicki » Jan 19th, '06, 12:50

i have been a teavana customer for the past two years and am very pleased with the service i get when i go to the store to get some tea and now have decided to get info on how i can open a tearoom in my area. pls send me all the info that I need to have a franchise, my address is 9542 Valley Ranch Pkwy E # 1062 Irving TX 75063



Postby JPSaleeby » Feb 11th, '06, 16:55

Teavana does not offer Franchises at this time. Best bet at this time is to open your own shop. Do your research and make sure you are very well capitalized.

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Postby GATea » Aug 22nd, '06, 15:06


I'm looking to expand my business by franchising it. My business is a tea room with many other avenues for revenue making it a unique concept. It does, however, require a dedicated, hard-working individual!

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find tea customers

Postby tealust » Sep 1st, '06, 14:06


Yes, definitely need a good amount of money to start a tea room. You need to have money to survive the first few months when not many people know you yet. I think the most money go into hire employee and cost rent/operate a place. I want to start a tea/coffee store and grow into a franchise but lack capital at the moment. I'm thinking about sell it on the Internet to minimize overhead cost. Do anyone know any techniques to attract customers. I can get good quality tea for only $20/kg, super fine, rare tea up to $150/kg. However, without customers getting tea supply at low price is no good. Hey GATea, I'm interested in working with you on the tea/coffee franchise. If anyone has any good suggestion for me feel free to email me at

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Re: franchise info

Postby mhg » Jul 31st, '10, 11:38

I'm new to tea. I went into the Teavana store and would like to franchise.

I have searched all over the internet and can't find a competitor to Teavana. What would be their closes equal or competitor? And, what do you call a place like this (lounge? Shop? Store? Restaurant?) In my city there are shops but they are exactly only that. You can buy tea but no sitting area or anything.

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Re: franchise info

Postby shilpa » Sep 5th, '11, 13:48

hi i am interested in franchising teavana in asia .
please send me contact info and email it to me
thank you

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