The one stop corn starch treatment topic!

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Re: The one stop corn starch treatment topic!

Postby Chip » May 24th, '14, 12:48

anastasia wrote:Could you use other types of starch, such as tapioca, potato, or arrowroot? I have an amazing blue and brown glazed clay kyusu which has two cracks; one near the top which leaks profusely, but a smaller one near the base which is a slow leaker and am wondering if it could work. I only use it for whites and pouchong, as the opening is wide.
It would be incredible to find someone who did the gold fix.

I heard the Japanese will do a rice starch treatment. I guess other starches might work as well.

Good luck!
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Re: The one stop corn starch treatment topic!

Postby Evan Draper » May 25th, '14, 23:56

Ah rats, I just found this thread. My wife has an ugly coffee mug that leaks. I was close to convincing her to throw it out, but now I see I have to fix it.
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