Nosaka clay beats Zhuni clay?

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Re: Nosaka clay beats Zhuni clay?

Postby solitude » Feb 22nd, '13, 05:33

I mainly drink young shengs with older plantation of wild tree origin (you may call it gushu or butique sheng) so I tried a couple of zisha pots for them (mainly zini and quing shui ni) but I had to always return to porcelain qaiwan. Finally I decided to buy one of the Nosaka reduction clay teapots from Hojo, and i was thireld with the effect on the brew. I must say that I did not try zhuni clay so far but as it is so rare and expensive the nosaka clay is a safer better for me.
For older shengs and young shengs with clear plantation origin (which are quite rough or turn rough after couple of brews) this clay is not the best, for those zini works very well for me.

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Re: Nosaka clay beats Zhuni clay?

Postby David R. » Feb 22nd, '13, 06:46

Sachacha wrote:Isn't nice to have not only many teas available but also to rediscover them and bring out different feelings from each of them by choosing one or another teapot that will offer a different result? Tea is wonderful... :D

Amen to that ! :)

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