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Re: Best Supporting Teaware(s)!

Postby kyarazen » Jan 29th, '14, 21:53

茶藝-TeaArt08 wrote:I have the same tray, though I believe mine is the next size smaller, and I appreciate its subtle and clean aesthetic as well as its really useful durability. Is the one you have there the one with or without the interior water tray? The one I own merely has a drain hole and tube. In fact, I really enjoy the full range of Lin's Ceramics wares. Most often I see them at Tzu Chi ( tea settings in Taiwan. They function well and have their own unique aesthetic.


with drainage hole and tube :D it saves me a lot of trouble from bringing the whole tray to wash all the time
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Re: Best Supporting Teaware(s)!

Postby woozl » Feb 4th, '14, 00:04

Hi everyone. Been away too long.
Lyme disease kicked my but.
On the mend slowly..... :| :|

Have some cherry burls to play with.
They need to season for a year+
The smaller ones sooner.
Gonna spin bowls etc.
Tea tray, chakatu...
The big kahuna may be a table :)
They need to season for a year+
Longer for big one. Hope they don't split.

Here is one burl maybe 18 in diameter.

yeah thats a weelbarrow! Check car tire. Sorry bad pic, iphone but u get the feel.
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Re: Best Supporting Teaware(s)!

Postby debunix » Feb 4th, '14, 00:37

Exciting! I just looked up images of cherry burls, and they're every bit as gorgeous as I'd suspected just from the name. Wow.
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Re: Best Supporting Teaware(s)!

Postby Ursinos » Feb 4th, '14, 10:44

dear gods those are big chunks of wood! *drools at thought of having those to carve with* lucky you!
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