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Re: Glass teapots

Postby Evan Draper » Apr 29th, '13, 10:42

There are so many glass teapots available in the US; I can't imagine buying one from Dragon would be cost-effective.

A blog post I wrote about glass teapots many years ago: ... ying-guide
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Evan Draper
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Re: Glass teapots

Postby yalokinh » Apr 29th, '13, 14:08

finding a small enough teapot (120m-lish) is difficult, I havent seen any under 15$
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Re: Glass teapots

Postby futurebird » Apr 29th, '13, 16:48

yalokinh wrote:finding a small enough teapot (120m-lish) is difficult, I havent seen any under 15$

this. dragon has small stuff
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Re: Glass teapots

Postby brad4419 » Apr 29th, '13, 23:13

I like glass teapots. Its nice to see Chinese greens and white leaves unfurl as they steep and can brew anything adequately. I bought one from dragon tea house a few years ago and still use it weekly and still love it.
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