Best thermometer for tea

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Best thermometer for tea

Postby Chai Guy » Aug 2nd, '06, 22:58

Would you share your thoughts on the best thermometers for tea?

Also, I am curious whether anyone knows how long a cup of boiling water in normal room temperature would take to drop to 180 degrees F.

Thank you
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Postby Tea Porter » Sep 28th, '06, 02:04

I would like to know that too!
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Postby klemptor » Sep 28th, '06, 12:34

I use a meat thermometer. I don't know if it's the best, but it's what I use.

I don't know the answer to the second question, though - sorry! ;)
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Postby Proinsias » Sep 28th, '06, 13:36

I try to judge it by the rate the steam rises from the water, different speeds for different teas. It's probably not the most accurate way to do it, I get the feeling the room temp will affect it, but who cares as long as the tea tastes good.
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Postby martin » Nov 6th, '06, 22:32

Here's what I use: ... B0001BFJ54

I found it at Target the other day and it works great! You set the temperature you want the water to be at and it will beep at you when it reaches the temp. Then you pour the water into your favorite infuser/ingenuiTEA and hit the start button to start the timer, it counts up or down from whatever time you set it at.

Anyways it's really cool and simple.
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Postby tenuki » Nov 8th, '06, 06:34

I got a small pocket coffee barista temp probe like this the other day at a kitchen store for pretty cheap. Haven't used it yet, but will report back when I do.
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