Bamboo looking teaware

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Bamboo looking teaware

Postby Andrew15_06 » Nov 17th, '13, 06:44

Hi All!

I recently acquired these two bamboo carved pots and the one is a set. The clay is nice only it has a strong 'sweet' smell to it. It isn't coming out as easy as I had hoped so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on methods of getting the smell out and/or if anyone has a suggestion on the best way to sell these guys online, craigslist, ebay, amazon, etc.?

Any suggestions help! Thanks!

Picture 4.png
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Picture 1.png
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*note: I did not take these pictures, wish I did though.
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Re: Bamboo looking teaware

Postby Poohblah » Nov 17th, '13, 13:40

At first, my reaction was, "well, that's what you get for buying a tea set made from bamboo", but then I re-read and noticed you mention they are actually carved clay :shock:

To get the smell out - try submerging the teapot in a pot of water, then bring it to a boil, let it boil for a while, and then let it cool and dry.
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Re: Bamboo looking teaware

Postby Andrew15_06 » Nov 17th, '13, 14:55

Thank you Poohblah. I will give that a try. They are yixing (or one of the many clays that get claimed as yixing) just carved to look like bamboo. Actually nice quality the smell just bothers me. They will look amazing when they get the patina going.

Thanks again!
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