A Nice Collection of Teapot & Artist Info

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A Nice Collection of Teapot & Artist Info

Postby deadlysight » Dec 12th, '13, 23:17

Here's an interesting collection of teapots, do guys know anything about this artist?

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Re: A Nice Collection of Teapot & Artist Info

Postby teaskeptic » Dec 13th, '13, 20:05

I don't know anything about the artist, but I have been to that shop a few years ago. This is where I tried my first yixing hong cha, and I also tried some of their yancha. I think their teas were reasonably priced, but I have since been spoiled by better teas. This is one of those shops with great ambiance but so-so teas. As for the pots, I couldn't get any reliable info from the owners when I was there, but maybe their website will help?
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