This teapot shape for sencha?

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This teapot shape for sencha?

Postby totallyteatime » Dec 27th, '13, 14:38

I have this teapot,
that I use for herbal teas but since I don't have my tokoname kyusu anymore I was thinking about using it for sencha and gyokuro( using about 4 ounces of water). Has anybody used a teapot shaped like this for Japanese greens and gotten good results? I ask because all the kyusu's I have seen have not been as rounded as this one.
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Re: This teapot shape for sencha?

Postby debunix » Dec 27th, '13, 16:21

Yes, I've used pots of various makes with a similar rounded rather than flatter shape for my sencha with good results.
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Re: This teapot shape for sencha?

Postby Teaism » Dec 27th, '13, 21:51

Yes pot of this shape and material is suitable. I use this type of pot with success to brew and serve sencha especially there are guests at home and when I cook Japanese food. Most of the time I would use 2 pots, one for brewing and the other for serving. I always have jitters soaking tea for too long. When the brew is ready I would pour into another pot and serve from there.
If I brew sencha for one, I would normally use Gaiwan.
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Re: This teapot shape for sencha?

Postby Chip » Dec 27th, '13, 22:16

Kyusu-s come in all shapes and sizes. So the shape is not an issue at all in this case.

It also has a suitable screen, so this is not an issue either.

Last consideration, does the interior have an herbal aroma? You could test this more by pouring hot water into the pot for several minutes and pouring it off ... smell the interior, smell the liquid, and taste.
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