Mill to make matcha

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Mill to make matcha

Postby juffin » Jan 1st, '14, 19:24

hi everyone,

i was looking for some suggestions. i want to buy a mill that is electric, and could produce very fine powders.

i plan to make my own red matcha (rooibos) and drink it as much as i can, but its hard to know where and what mill to buy, almost all are made for grains, but they are eaten, not drank so the fine texture may not be as fine as i would like

i just bought roobios powder online and its tasty!

take care
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Re: Mill to make matcha

Postby MEversbergII » Jan 2nd, '14, 09:11

Probably going to need a mortar and pestle once you get through a mill (coffee mill is probably cheapest route). However, flour and matcha have a similar particle size.

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