how to use a gaiwan?

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how to use a gaiwan?

Postby maxman » Aug 25th, '06, 22:30

Could someone fill me in on how those things work, or maybe point me to a source of information? I'm always willing to learn something new.
Thanks in advance.
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Postby Warden Andy » Aug 25th, '06, 23:35

What kind of tea are you going to brew in it?

The simplest brewing method is this: That works best with green and white teas. Just don't use too much leaves, and always pour water slowly around the wall of the gaiwan (to avoid direct contact with leaves).

If you're going to brew oolong, puerh or even black tea, you'll want to brew and decant. For simplicity, you can just throw a teaspoon or two of leaves in the preheated gaiwan, do a quick rinse, then brew for maybe a minute.

Or if you want to get serious, you can use about 1/4 - 1/2 leaves, and use shorter infusion times. That takes a good amount of practice, and skill to do right.
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