Cheap (?) Yixing teapot for a novice

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Re: Cheap (?) Yixing teapot for a novice

Postby thirst » Aug 2nd, '14, 11:23

I think the point about buying a gaiwan first was that while it may not teach you about yixing (I’d disagree, because a gaiwan can serve as a point of comparison), it will still teach you about tea, and IMO it’s probably better to buy a cheap gaiwan and good tea than to invest in an expensive pot and have little money left for good tea, depending, of course, on how much one already knows about tea (beginner here).

Using a small gaiwan as a pot may be a modern thing (though I don’t think that brewing and drinking directly from a larger gaiwan is), but if it’s a useful tool or method, does it matter how old it is? :mrgreen:
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Re: Cheap (?) Yixing teapot for a novice

Postby PotterZ » Aug 2nd, '14, 20:53

Poseidon wrote:I use two pots that are very similar to the ones you have listed and I like them. They are seasoning well and dont give off odd flavors or odors but they are not "true" yixing clay. Its probably something similar to it though. Due to how much I have in my tea budget, the cheap yixings from ebay were all I could afford. If that deters you from wanting them, get a gaiwan. Cheap, effective, simple to use.

How much are you wanting to spend on a yixing? You can easily find some for 100 or less.

For ~ $30 or less, I would absolutely reccomend a porcelain teapot.

I can not agree with you more.I often told my friends at home do not buy yixing teapot less than 30$, It's almost impossible to buy real zisha teapot below this price.
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