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Postby mcmoogly » Sep 4th, '07, 18:27

I was cleaning my my glass teacup I bought from Adagio and I guess I was scrubbing too hard and it shattered!!!! :( I'm depressed because I loved how clear and beautiful tea looked through it... sigh.

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Postby zipp » Sep 4th, '07, 18:50

DOH!!!! Well that will teach you to clean anything !

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Postby mcmoogly » Sep 4th, '07, 18:51

Yeah :( I guess I will have to order a new one... shipping sucks. I just put in an order too... oh well. I will have to recover my wounds over a cup of tea ;)

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Postby Wesli » Sep 4th, '07, 20:49

I never clean my teaware.

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Postby mcmoogly » Sep 4th, '07, 20:59

Rage Of Angels wrote:I never clean my teaware.

That doesn't screw with the taste at all or do you use different cups for different types of teas? Which now that I think of it, is a good idea.

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Postby ABx » Sep 7th, '07, 01:34

I really don't clean my teaware much either, I just rinse it out as soon as I'm done (although I do sometimes scrub out anything smooth that starts to get stained). It really doesn't affect the taste in any way, with the exception of yixing teapots where the absorbtion of aroma and subsequent change (improvement) in taste is the whole point.

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Postby Scarlet Glow » Sep 7th, '07, 08:57

I'm so sorry to hear about your teacup! I have the same glass cup from Adagio and I know I would be crushed if something happened to it. I hope you get a new one soon! :D

Heh, I pretty much do what Abx, does... I just rinse my teaware out with water and dry it with a towel or let it dry itself (depending on how lazy I am that day). :wink: I figure the only thing that is going into it is tea (i.e. flavored water) so why bother using soap. :wink:

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Postby Mary R » Sep 7th, '07, 09:34

Heh, I guess I'm an anomaly here. Unless I'm making several rounds throughout a day, I wash my teaware (tokoname and yixing excluded) with Dawn whenever I finish. But yeah, if I'm just casually shifting between teas, I'll probably just rinse.

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Postby SnapshotCat » Sep 7th, '07, 11:03

I rinse out my teaware with hot water once I'm done, and leave things out to dry. Every once in awhile my two English style (they're pretty durable) pots go into the dishwasher but mostly just get wiped down with a paper towel.

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Postby mcmoogly » Sep 7th, '07, 18:10

Yeah for now on I will just boil water and rinse it that way. Much safer. I just got my UlitliTEA yesterday and it's wonderful! When I got it out I timed out long it took to boil water at 4 cups and then at 2 and started checking out temps with the dial. I'm a geek :p But it will be a lot easier to just use this to rinse out glassware and be much safer.

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Postby daughteroftheKing » Sep 7th, '07, 22:53

I'm with Mary R on this one. Glass and ceramic teaware gets washed at the end of the day in my kitchen, too. I don't care how good a friend someone may be, if they serve me food and drink in a dirty cup, I'm not joining in.

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