Adagio TeaV episode 37: Tea-N-Tea

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Adagio TeaV episode 37: Tea-N-Tea

Postby ilya » Sep 14th, '09, 10:20

Kaboom!!! Zack decides to review this explosive tea on this week's episode of Adagio TeaV. Tea-N-Tea by Scott Richmond is a tea that combines green gunpowder with herbal peppermint for an unusual flavor profile.

Additionally, help Zack get his hands on some of Adagio's allusive tea cookies and tea chocolates by sending a tweet.
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Re: Adagio TeaV episode 37: Tea-N-Tea

Postby DDancer85 » Sep 20th, '09, 01:37

The last three-four episodes flat out will not play on my iPhone. What am I doing wrong?!!!

I miss my Adagio TeaV!
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Re: Adagio TeaV episode 37: Tea-N-Tea

Postby braven » Nov 3rd, '09, 17:49

The mixture reminds me of morrocan mint.
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