Creating Signature Blends

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Creating Signature Blends

Postby Gooner24 » Jan 5th, '09, 21:11

I'm new here but am really interested in creating a blend and I am looking for a little guidance. Are there any guidelines in determining the percentage of each tea to use in the blend?
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Postby Alias » Jan 19th, '09, 23:05

There are not any specific guidelines regarding percentages for blending your tea. Its all about what flavor you want to stand out stronger in your blend. Or if you know a specific flavor that ' a little goes a long way' then you use a smaller percentage. The best thing is just go by instinct. Don't blend something you wouldn't drink yourself. Hope that helps1
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Postby kymidwife » Jan 21st, '09, 00:34


I just bought a bunch of samples from Adagio and played around with flavors. It usually takes me 2 or 3 tries to tweak the proportions. And even then, what tastes good to me may not appeal to someone else. All I can do is hope for the best! Good luck with your blends... I really enjoy that aspect of Adagio so much, and in fact it's what brought me here in the first place. I hope you have fun with it.

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Postby Sydney » Jan 21st, '09, 08:44

When I start running low on some tea or other, I wind up blending just to use it.
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