Adagio TeaV episode 7: Mint Chocolate Chip

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Adagio TeaV episode 7: Mint Chocolate Chip

Postby ilya » Feb 16th, '09, 02:44


Zack decides to kill two birds with one stone. Will Adagio Teas lose our host to a rival food conglomerate? Watch to find out.
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Postby Aphroditea » Feb 16th, '09, 13:56

Pancakes! Ghiradelli chocolate chip pancakes!! :shock: I almost missed the tea review I was so fixated on those scrumptious looking medallions of yumminess :P

I LOVE mint and chocolate together in lots of stuff: truffles, martinis, brownies, malts! :D As a tea, mint and chocolate is tricky to do. My first attempt had just chocolate and spearmint in about equal amounts and the latter almost completely overwhelmed the former.

I have a NEW one ( which has the same ingredients as the tea you reviewed, but the percentages are quite different; chocolate chip 60%, peppermint 30%, spearmint 10%. I have learned that mint goes a long way! :shock:

Of all the flavors that seem to repeat on the blends page, mint chocolate seems to be one of the most popular. I have found it very interesting to see what is being combined and in what amount. Has anyone tried a couple different versions of mint chocolate? I think it would be interesting to note some of the differences.

This was my favorite episode so far....probably because there were pancakes :wink:
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Postby jazz88 » Feb 16th, '09, 14:08

It gets more entertaining and interesting with each episode and Zack seems to be more confident and relaxed compared to the first episodes. He managed to cover all the main points: content, steeping time, showed the actual tea and the label. Well done!
I like mint and I like chocolate but I don't like mint/chocolate combo. I know it's a classic combination but ... perhaps not for me.
Looking forward to the next episode.
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Postby CynTEAa » Feb 16th, '09, 15:30


Nice job Zack!
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Postby silvermage2000 » Feb 16th, '09, 16:13

You really did a good job talking about this tea. I liked the video. And yea mint chocolate chip sounds really good. This would be a tea I would really consider checking out.
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Postby PastaZombie » Feb 16th, '09, 18:03

Heh, I just realized looking at that label that the "Mint" is the logo to So now I can take a look at how much of my budget is being spent on tea as I drink it.
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Postby zack » Feb 17th, '09, 21:55

I love pancake. That is all.
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