Robert Fornell Ceramics

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Re: Robert Fornell Ceramics

Postby JBaymore » Mar 6th, '14, 22:29

He's in Japan at the moment, I think.


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Re: Robert Fornell Ceramics

Postby kikula » Mar 8th, '14, 00:15

Robert Fornell wrote:John Baymore may have already shared this with folks but if not I thought that all here might enjoy it.

Also a member here recently inquired regarding newer work so I will post this as well:

Happy holidays to all!

I somehow missed that post.
Wow. Wonderful!
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Re: Robert Fornell Ceramics

Postby Seeker » Mar 12th, '14, 01:11

unfortunately, those posts are quite old tho - 2012. :(
i'd really love to hear from robert and especially about new works!
i can confirm that he is in Japan, as i contacted him recently.
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