Where to purchase?

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Where to purchase?

Postby jdenenberg » Jul 28th, '09, 12:00

I am looking for help with purchasing a particular tea from Japan that my boss likes the best. He is a great guy to work for and I would like to keep getting him the same tea he fell in love with when he was in Japan. I have had many bags shipped from an old contact in Japan, but that avenue no longer exists. I need a way to find out how to purchase this exact tea from the USA. I need to purchase this either on-line or via phone. Since the tea is from Japan, the writting is also in Japanese characters so I do not know what type of tea or brand it is.
I have a b&w picture of the front of the bag (attached). The plastic bag is green. The tea bags are traingle shaped. The tea is GREEN in color and smells like seaweed to me. I can not describe the taste as I never had any of it, but have been told it tastes like green tea with a kelp or seaweed flavor.
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Re: Where to purchase?

Postby Chip » Jul 28th, '09, 12:09

click here for KELP TEA

The link is for one kelp tea. Are you sure it is kelp tea and just not sencha or similar which some can describe as a bit kelp like.

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Re: Where to purchase?

Postby Drax » Jul 28th, '09, 18:37

It seems to be a generic green tea. It's marked as 緑茶, which is green tea (midori cha, or ryoku cha).

I can't read the symbol between the ぐ and the 茶 on the sticker in the upper right... not sure if that would help any more. The rest of the text is info on how easy it is to use, etc.

Haven't seen the stuff itself before, so can't help beyond that...

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Re: Where to purchase?

Postby sriracha » Jul 28th, '09, 23:00

Hmm it may or may not be the deep-steamed kukicha I buy at a Japanese food shop in Stockholm...but I really need to go home and compare the packaging to your Xerox'ed pic. :)

I'll report back.

EDIT: No, sorry, wasn't the same tea. :(

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