Which is the most healthful tea?

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Which is the most healthful tea?

Postby bongoman » Jan 12th, '10, 07:05

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I've formed an uninformed view that high quality Japanese greens are the healthiest teas. Is this actually the case?

In addition to Japanese greens, I also find myself drawn to organic oolongs - where might these sit on the scale of health-benefiting qualities?

I suppose this begs the question of what makes a tea 'healthy'? Is it the anti-oxidant content, theanine content, something else?

I don't drink tea because it's healthy, but because I enjoy it, but still, I wonder if there is a definitive answer to which type of tea is more beneficial.

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Re: Which is the most healthful tea?

Postby Chip » Jan 12th, '10, 09:51

I think many factors come into to play here. Much of the health aspect is going to vary from person to person. The whole hot/cold (not hot temp versus cold temp, but for instance I think greens are generally cold) issue which I have purposely tried not to pay too much attention to over the years may play a big role.

I definitely seem to match up with cold tea, Japanese green, I think it is what my body needs. I did not start drinking it for this purpose at all, but I can say it certainly seems to have improved my health versus when I used to drink black every morning followed by an oolong ... and then green was my 3rd tea of the day.

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