How to keep tea bags/leaves fresh?

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How to keep tea bags/leaves fresh?

Postby Elwood » Mar 23rd, '10, 11:03

I recently bought a box of Twinings Lady Grey tea. The tea bags just come in the cardboard box with a perforated lid. That's it, no bag or anything. The first cup tasted great, I then put the tea bags into an air tight jar to store them.

By the next day the second cup of tea lacked all the flavour and distinction the first cup of tea had. Why is it even in an air tight, dark container, they lose the flavour so quickly? It makes me regret not drinking half the box right after opening it.

On a related subject anyone know of some good quality air tight jars? I broke mine this afternoon. :(

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Re: How to keep tea bags/leaves fresh?

Postby debunix » Mar 23rd, '10, 11:26

Jars for canning with their 2-piece lids are great. If the lids haven't been used for canning, you can tighten them down and get a pretty decent seal. Of course the jars are clear and need to be in a dark drawer/cabinet/cupboard.

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