Importance of scent of tea/cooking

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Importance of scent of tea/cooking

Postby rhondabee » Jan 23rd, '11, 10:59

Last weekend I decided to cook a vegetable stew/cobbler in the slow cooker. So while it was cooking, I decided to drink some tea, specifically Da Yu Ling oolong. Well my tea session was ruined because all I could smell when I put my nose to the gaiwan was the smell of leeks/vegetables cooking. I might as well have been drinking bagged tea from the grocery store. So lesson learned, no tea sessions within smelling distance of cooking food. My enjoyment of tea depends largely on the scent of the tea. Am I overly sensitive to scent or is it the same with you?

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Re: Importance of scent of tea/cooking

Postby Poohblah » Jan 24th, '11, 16:29

I cannot focus on the tea if there are other smells around. Yesterday I was enjoying some mao xie until my roommate's girlfriend walked in with a plate of mac n' cheese. I had to stop drinking and leave.

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