Now You've Done It...

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Now You've Done It...

Postby Kithikor » Jan 24th, '11, 17:17 my wife is made at everyone at TeaChat. Why? I won't drink that tea bagged stuff again!!! She bought me a sampler of different teas for Christmas. I WAS enjoying them ;-) until I tried some REAL tea. I had just a couple of different teas left, with a few bags in each. I TRIED to drink them at work. HOLY COW! NO taste!

Seriously though, it is TRULY amazing how bad tea bagged tea is!!! It's almost like comparing a budweiser to a Old Rasputin!!!

Thank you to everyone for getting me on the right path! (i'm still going to have questions though) =-D
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Re: Now You've Done It...

Postby TwoPynts » Jan 24th, '11, 18:22

Once you go bagless, you never go back!
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