Taobao Agent??? Which one?

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Taobao Agent??? Which one?

Postby VanFersen » Jun 29th, '14, 11:19

In the past a friend of mine was doing that part for me but sometimes I need to wait quite a while until it is possible to order from him because he needs to be back in China or his mother in law etc..very complicated. But like now I am not very into waiting that long so I found out that there is a chance to buy trough the help of agents but which ones? I was reading many blogs and other information sites about this topic but in the end some many opinions but not a clear statement in the end. I have quite a huge list now but don't now which one I should choose.

I want to order quite a big Tea package. The weight just of the teas and their package should be around 2-3kg in the end, I would choose EMS or DHL and of course Paypal. For me personal it is important that it is safety, fast and good packed and yes of course it would be nice if they don't charge you like hell ;)

Here is my list on top of that are these agents where I found out the most:

then those ones:

    taobaotrends or this site (don't know where the difference is) tbtrends
    chinasourcingagent (LangDi)
    luxdistribution (based in UK)

So the list is huge but with whom did you guys and girls make the best and most secured experiences - best would be a long term one. Because what I heard / read quite often was that in so many cases the first time went very well in many cases but later it went down and down. So a long term experience would be interesting. :)

I hope you can help me out. Thanks for your time and effort.
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