Silver Needles Fujian province vs. other areas

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Silver Needles Fujian province vs. other areas

Postby bagua7 » Oct 3rd, '10, 22:32

BHY is mainly produced in Fujian but there other areas such as Yunnan and Jiangxi.

Has nyone noticed a significante difference between the former and the rest? How about quality and taste-wise?


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Re: Silver Needles Fujian province vs. other areas

Postby msurads06 » Oct 5th, '10, 12:07

There is absolutely a taste difference. I actually got burned because i didnt realize this. the first silver needle i bought was fujian, i really liked it, but i found a yunnan for about 1/3-1/4 of the price so i figured i had gotten a deal. To my taste it is drinkable, but thats the best i can say. I ended up trading it on teaswap. I has a puerhesqe taste (alot/most puerh comes from yunnan), which is fine in my puerh, but if i want puerh taste i will drink puerh.

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Re: Silver Needles Fujian province vs. other areas

Postby legend » Nov 3rd, '10, 06:29

I live in Guangxi and I work with a variety cal Ling yun Bai hao (凌云白毫)This white hair variety which is very similar to the Fujian variety is used to make a wonderful white tea very close to Bai mu dan. As those Fujian white teas are extremely difficult to find in authentic form, I think the worth of Ling yun Bai Hao is that it is affordable and true. Of course these white hair variety leaves are used to make some wonderful green and red teas as well. I have been studying tea culture here and I believe the white hair leaves of Guangxi are still a bit of a secret to most of China and of course the rest of the world. These kind of situations are important because once a tea becomes to famous it will be famouly exploited and the real authentic tea will be more and more dificult to find.


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Re: Silver Needles Fujian province vs. other areas

Postby argus » Nov 19th, '10, 16:11

legend, can you tell me the difference between Moon White tea in loose leaf form and Moom White compressed into a puerh bing or tuo.

Is it all the same processing technique, except for the final compression into a bing since I understand the tea leaf is the same?

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Re: Silver Needles Fujian province vs. other areas

Postby AlexZorach » Jan 20th, '11, 14:13

I had a silver-needle-style tea from Bangladesh, sold by Teatulia. It's not explicitly called a silver needle, but that's basically what it is. It's just called "White Tea".

I absolutely love it! It's completely unlike any of the other teas of this style I've ever tried. It has the delicate sweetness but it also has a sort of depth I've never encountered in silver needles from China (or the one I tried from Taiwan).

Another tea that is not a silver needle but is oddly silver needle-like is the Soureni estate Darjeeling Oolong. I'd recommend trying it, even if you dislike other Darjeeling oolongs, if you like silver needle and want to try something with some of its characteristics but a novel twist on it.

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Re: Silver Needles Fujian province vs. other areas

Postby bryan_drinks_tea » Jan 20th, '11, 15:49

IMO, it depends on the quality that you get from each region. good luck!

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