Rishi Silverneedle

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Postby Space Samurai » Oct 2nd, '07, 13:56


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Postby jashnew » Oct 13th, '07, 22:14

Tomasini- What was your seep time? I know people argue all the time that seep time on white can be 5 minutes. I think it varies depending on the quality of the white. I think higher the quality lower the seep time.

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Postby bambooforest » Oct 14th, '07, 00:11

I think when it comes to silver needles, steep time has a lot to do with how much leaf you use. More leaf, less steep time. Less leaf, longer... Either way, I don't think you can over steep silver needle as it does not get bitter at all.

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Postby Trey Winston » Oct 14th, '07, 12:20

bambooforest wrote: Either way, I don't think you can over steep silver needle as it does not get bitter at all.

That has been my experience, too. Accidentally steeping for half an hour beginning at 185 degress did not make my Silver Needle go bitter.

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Postby joelbct » Dec 4th, '07, 14:30

Old thread, but yes, I was pleasantly surprised with Rishi's Organic Silver Needle, it is top quality- Actually I had 2 brews last night.

I just happened upon Rishi at whole foods, and to be honest did not expect to find high-end tea in a national grocery store, but there it was...

I am a fan of Rishi's China Breakfast Yunnan, inexpensive and adequate, and their Organic China Jade Cloud is mouth-watering-ly wonderful...

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