Your favorite white tea?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby tea_mind » Jul 25th, '09, 02:53

My favorite white tea happens to be one from my last holiday spot - Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - the Silver Tips I bought from there were exactly what I wanted.
It's quite light and refreshing and I just love the taste ! :)
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby verus » Oct 1st, '09, 17:40

I have a pretty cheap Pai Mu Tan from a coffee & tea shop here in my city and it never fails to bowl me over. It's amazingly good! It's € 3,50 for 50 grams which I think is a very fair price for such a treasure...

I have a white Darjeeling from another shop which is good, but not as good as the Pai Mu Tan...and it's twice as expensive!
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby Katt63 » Oct 1st, '09, 21:04

Hi all,

I am New here. Looking forward to trying many, many new Yellow & White Teas. I like them best (depending on my Mood, Time of day, etc) then Green, LOVE Jasmine Teas. Just received my first order of like 12 Samples Mixed - 3 Herbals, 3 Oolongs, 3 Whites, My FREE Libra Tea as a free gift, & 2 Decaf's (Ceylon & Mandarin White).

Any suggestions on Black Teas?? In the past I've only had Run of the Mill Black Tea & Ceylons. Looking forward to being adventurous in that dept.

Katt63 PS: I'm from the USA - New Jersey (3 miles from Manhattan)
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby AlexZorach » Oct 15th, '09, 21:18

I absolutely love Shou Mei...I'm always disappointed that a lot of tea companies (Adagio, Harney & Sons, Rishi, to name a few) don't even carry it. I think a lot of the high-end tea companies ignore it because they see it as a "low grade" tea. I see it as a style in and of itself (it is, after all, available in widely-varying grades!)

I love it because it's strangely oolong-like...almost like halfway between a white tea and a darker oolong. Very rich and earthy like a darker oolong, and yet light and delicate like other white teas.
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby jackdaniel » Oct 22nd, '09, 10:48

Silver Needle, hands down. White Peony can be (good) different, which is a pleasant change.
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby xtaaxtw » Jan 28th, '10, 05:47


The White Peony ,my favorite tea ,the name is nice ,the tea is great!
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby Victoria » Jan 28th, '10, 09:23

White Peony is definitely up there, may be my favorite. I prefer it to Silver Needle. Then there is Rishi's Ancient Moonlight. :)
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby JRS22 » Jan 28th, '10, 10:42

xtaaxtw, is that your tea canister in your photo? It's beautiful.
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby LauraW » Jan 28th, '10, 11:02

From what little experience I have, I'm going to say Silver Needle, but I reserve the right to change my mind at any point in time. I have yet to try Snowbud or White Peony, but they smell fantastic, so I might change my mind shortly.
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby teacast » Jan 30th, '10, 21:14

I'd have to say anything from the Ceylon region in regards to white tea. There's just something about it that can't be matched ;)
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby LauraW » Feb 1st, '10, 10:57

Yup. Snowbud has successfully nudged out Silver Needle. Not by much, but that's almost a good thing, since Snowbud is a little more budget-friendly!
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby brad4419 » Feb 3rd, '10, 23:21

Bai Hao Yin Zhen(silver needles) has become my favorite white. About a year ago when I first brewed silver needles I didn't find it all that great but since I learned to brew it, thanks to the "how to properly brew whites thread" :D I love the stuff. I used to brew whites with a whole lot of leaf and brewed for like 4-5 minutes and made it very strong but destroyed the flavor, now I brew very light and for about a minute and enjoy silver needles very much.
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby Oni » Feb 4th, '10, 03:04

Black tea, white tea,

But, If
You're Thinkin'
About My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White
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Re: Your favorite white tea?

Postby Sententia » Feb 10th, '10, 19:22

Had Snowbud for the first time today.. I instantly knew this was my tea. I tried Silver Needle yesterday.. and wasn't that impressed, taking that into consideration with this Snowbud it surpassed my expectations and then some !! My new favorite.
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Postby Earl Grey » Feb 16th, '10, 07:12

heathenesque wrote:P'ai Mu Tan ('white Peony') is my favourite white - it's also one of my all-time favourite teas.

Great tea, first white tea that I tried. I was attracted with information that one cup of the Pai Mu Tan worths as 12 natural orange juice regarding antioxidants.

It has great, refreshing mild taste.

I'm looking forward to try Silver Needle..only problem is its expensivity. :D
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