rishi Ancient Moonlight White tea

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

white tea

Postby nickyjoan » May 7th, '09, 22:52

Space Samurai wrote:
Pentox wrote:Ah supply and demand, results in such wonderful profit margins for them i'm sure.

:D That's why I stopped buying it. I wanna support Fair Trade, but with that kind of price increase, who's to say that Rishi isn't the one getting the benefits.

i feel i am lucky, i can have my favoried white tea, especially white peony tea almost every day, my hometown is the original place of white peony tea.
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Postby gingkoseto » May 8th, '09, 00:49

For most Chinese tea, I would value "organic" certification more than "fair trade" certification. As far as I know, many tea farmers in China are doing well and pretty fairly trading anyway (excluding some big brand names).

For many other products such as chocolate and coffee, I do advocate fair trade products.

As for the price raise, could it be due to the change of season and it's just more expensive this year? The concept of "fair trade" is to provide farmers consistent profits regardless of annual market fluctuations, so theoretically participating providers can't mark up prices anytime as they wish.
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Postby silvermage2000 » May 8th, '09, 21:24

I also like ancient moonlight white to. Its also called yue guang bai. This sadly can be abit pricy.
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Re: rishi Ancient Moonlight White tea

Postby Seeker » Dec 4th, '09, 20:12

I just came upon this topic, thank you to all of you, very interesting to me.
I also just became aware of Ancient Moonlight White from rishi only recently, so I ordered it (I like bai mu dan's!).
:D I really like this tea! :D
I'm curious - what do you all find as the best brewing/infusing parameters? (water temp, length of infusion, amount of leaf per oz)?
I find that rishi consistently recommends brewing parameters that are too harsh (too high temp, too long infusion). This is true IMO of their Snow Buds tea, which yields a lovely butteriness when brewed at a temp of between 140-150f, and 30seconds or so.
I'm asking about Moonlight because I don't think I've landed on quite the right parameters yet.
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