How Subtle Are White Tea Flavors?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Postby Jeanne711 » Sep 12th, '05, 20:33

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I'm kind of inclined to leave them to the people who can and not remove some of the supply from the market. But I did order the sampler pack to try. I've only had bagged white before, so I am kind of curious to see how the loose white compares

It's sweet of you to consider us White tea lovers, but just maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. I know I sure was. White teas are much like fine wines in my mind... the nuances are what make each so special. Whenever I want to really treat myself, I reach for one of my fave whites. When you recieve your sample, do post back to let us know how you like them. If you enjoy them half as much as I do, you'll be hooked! :lol:

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Postby wuyiman » Oct 10th, '05, 14:23

as the handle implies, I'm far more into Fujian teas and thus shop at Golden teahouse since that seems to be their specialty or focus. The little that I've dabbled into white teas has usually been pretty unimpressive. Especially most Yin Zhen or silver needle. I have really disliked the larger leaf varieties from Yunnan province. For me they are all justed wasted tea that should have gone down my system in the form of a good oolong instead! --Except for just one tea, An Ji Bai Cha. This one I have from Goldenteahouse is extremely impressive
. This tea DOES get bitter if you steep it for too long. It closely resembles a really fine and light green tea, like mingqian Long Jing. So, definitely not subtle! At all. I'm hesitant to recommend a white tea, but I'll be drinking this one until my 50g are up before I touch another green tea. Anyhow, I came into this forum to see if anyone had similar experiences with this tea as well; or perhaps a new one to try. I'm always open to something new, be it from Golden teahouse or Adagio or wherever. Just as long as it is good stuff!

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Postby Marlene » Oct 10th, '05, 20:59

jeanne! I LOVE your avatar!!!!!!!!

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Postby Jeanne711 » Oct 11th, '05, 01:47

jeanne! I LOVE your avatar!!!!!!!!

Hehehe... thanks Marlene. I fell in love with it the moment I found it. :D

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