Proper instructions for the perfect cup of tea

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Re: Proper instructions for the perfect cup of tea

Postby Charles » Jan 6th, '10, 16:43

No question that the best answer is to find and do what you like, but I also believe it's critical to offer guidance so that the customer has the option of tasting the tea that the BUYER intended. We have, on staff, an industry veteran who has been cupping and buying teas for many years now. She has seen and tasted just about everything, and has a particular flavor profile in mind when she adds a tea to the collection. It's fine if someone chooses to prepare a tea differently and likes it, but we want to make sure that if you DON'T like it, you try it again the way we intended it to be prepared.

A good analogy might be handing a prime steak to someone who's never seen it before. Depending on how you handle it (eat it raw, microwave it, boil it, deep fry it, grill it, overcooked or undercooked) you'll have a TOTALLY different experience and a totally different perception of what a good steak tastes like. I grew up poor and hated steak until I was in High School. I had never had a good one before. ;)

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