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Re: Ippodo NYC

Postby zencha » Mar 30th, '13, 13:57

Chip wrote:... however I am sure the overwhelming majority of Westerners (not just those living in the USA) welcome Ippodo to NYC, NY, USA, West. We can only hope to see more tradtional Japanese vendors making the bold move westward.

Royce Chocolate of Sapporo Japan recently open a tiny shop in NYC .
509 Madison Ave (between 52nd St & 53rd St)

http://royceconfectusa.com/portfolio/na ... egreentea/

http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/16/dinin ... .html?_r=0

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Re: Ippodo NYC

Postby Chip » Mar 30th, '13, 17:06

My apologies ... I split off the rabbit trail posts and replies and placed them under administration for review. After review, they may or may not be returned to this topic.

Again, my apologies to members who took the time and effort to reply ... this action is never taken lightly.

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Re: Ippodo NYC

Postby BrooklynBrew » Apr 1st, '13, 14:34

I just went to the store on my lunch break.

They were just wonderful. I had a nice cold brew gyokuro that I will have to try making at home. I also found the markup in prices to be ok. I just got a gyokuro to go, but I will be back to buy more tea from them (I just have to drink the tons I got in Japan).

Oh, they also said they WILL be carrying sincha once it becomes available.

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Re: Ippodo NYC

Postby chingwa » Apr 2nd, '13, 00:06

I will have to go back soon. I've never really been successful brewing their gyokuro at home for some reason... would like to try it the way they intend it. :)

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Re: Ippodo NYC

Postby Suutej_Tsaj » Apr 2nd, '13, 16:31

Damn it, reading your reports is making me jealous.
Any chance Ippodo will open in Europe? It doesn't have to be Italy, why not... France? Or Germany? Or Switzerland! Why not Switzerland! I heard they drink very bad tea there! They need to be educated!

(I'm actually quite serious on the first question. Pretty much any vendor from Japan would be welcome here.)

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Re: Ippodo NYC

Postby TIM » Apr 5th, '13, 15:15

Open! Yaaaa :)

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Re: Ippodo NYC

Postby BioHorn » Jul 15th, '15, 21:45

2015 Ippodo Visit

#ippodonyc It is a beautiful space tucked away on the short block. Very friendly and spotless. When I was there, there was no seating. It serves more as a storefront than a tea room. Koicha was more "double espresso" usucha than thick tea. Served in a paper cup not a chawan. That is okay. The quality of the tea was good. Just so you know what you are getting into.

The loose matcha and other teas were NYC priced. If you buy more than two you are better off ordering direct from Ippodo Japan. There were nice wares. They had nicely displayed wabi cups at $100. The kyusus were around $180. Metal caddies similarly priced. It seems geared for a NYC pricepoint. Rent is not cheap!

If you are looking for an upscale grab and go matcha, this is the place. 125th East 39th St. A block off Park Street.

Photos @TeaZap

Excuse the double post.

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