Why'd my thread about fermenting tea get deleted?!

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Why'd my thread about fermenting tea get deleted?!

Postby FairTaxGuy » Mar 3rd, '06, 19:31

I received a notice of a reply to my topic about green tea fermenting but it says it doesn't exist now. Why would this be deleted?! The thread ID was: viewtopic.php?p=7697#7697

There was some good info in here but no definitive reasons of fermentation

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Postby ilya » Mar 3rd, '06, 19:52

Sorry about any deleted topics. We had a majot span attack and were forced to delete over 400 messages. Perhaps we accidentally deleted some legitimate threads in the process.

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Postby FairTaxGuy » Mar 4th, '06, 12:45

Darn, oh well :(. Thanks for the clarification though Ilya.

You guys REALLY need to turn off that anonymous posting option so this doesn't happen again.

Well it didn't seem too definitive on why the tea ferments sometimes but perhaps it's my cheap tea bag tea. Like I was mentioning to some people in the chat yesterday I'm still a novice tea drinker and haven't made my way to loose "internet" tea yet. I looked at some whites from adagio but there was so many different types I didn't know what to try and got scared off :)

One thing I remember though from the last post, was somebody mentioning that mold starts to grow in the tea? I always notice cloudy stuff at the bottom of my pitcher even as early as the next day. I always just thought this was concentrated bits of tea, but so this is mold?! I'm always a little nervous about drinking that stuff but I usually just gulp it down so I wouldn't be able to taste anything. Is this cloudy stuff no good?

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Postby garden gal » Mar 4th, '06, 15:36

Just buy one of those ingenui-teas with the samplers and their white tea sampler if you are interested in the whites. Their samplers are a really generous size at a reasonable cost and are great to try all the diffeent ones. I was totally new to the whole thing a few months ago myself but had Christmas money to spend- I think I have ended up buying each sampler set- some teas I didn't like quite as much as others but I mix thema lot and they will all get used. None was bad enough to even get near the drain with. The difference in taste between the bagged and loose is just unbelievable.
As for the cloudy at the bottom- mold if it is too long maybe but I let my teas set overnight out on the counter covered sometimes- that I am sure is just sediment as it is in there within an hour of pouring. Tea can go bad though if left to set too long- esp. in warm weather and if sugar is added.

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Postby Warden Andy » Mar 4th, '06, 17:56

That's not mold. I got that on the bottom of the tea I made yesterday. It's just bits of tea leaves, and tea.

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