Your favorite lu'an guapian?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Your favorite lu'an guapian?

Postby Mintaka » Sep 26th, '11, 20:14

I'm possibly looking to get some lu'an guapian soon, and was wondering which online source you all get yours from? Which is your favorite(s)? Any other comments/thoughts about this tea and the various sources for it?

Thanks. :)

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Re: Your favorite lu'an guapian?

Postby Oni » Sep 27th, '11, 02:11

One of the BEST you can find is at Teaspring, that Cha Wang version, it comes only in a 70 gram red can, it is from Anhui Luan Guapian Tea Industry, and it is the very best grade, organic, it was the best I had.
P.S. it is expencieve.

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Re: Your favorite lu'an guapian?

Postby AlexZorach » Sep 27th, '11, 16:02

I have only tried one, and it was relatively inexpensive, Upton Tea Imports' ZG68: Organic Green Lu'An Melon Seed. It wasn't the best green tea I tried but I enjoyed it a lot, and I also enjoyed the way I felt after drinking it, which is something that is important to me.

I have no idea how it compares to others in quality. My experience is that Upton has a few gems in the low-end Chinese green teas, but tends to lag behind on the high-end ones. I suspect there is much better stuff out there, but I also suspect that, like most of Upton's teas, that might be among the better ones in its price range.

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