Best place to get Jasmine Dragon Pearls?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Best place to get Jasmine Dragon Pearls?

Postby forkyfork » May 22nd, '12, 22:07

I've been out of the tea loop for a while, but I'm trying to replenish my stock. My favorite tea is the jasmine dragon pearls, but I'd like to avoid paying a lot for them if I can. Local stores can be very pricey.

What place do you recommend to buy inexpensive but good quality jasmine pearls? MountainRoseHerbs has them $15 for 4oz. EnjoyingTea has them for $17 4 oz. I know Adagio has them, too, but they are pricier for less quantity.

For anyone who has ordered from these vendors, or any others, can you comment? I suspect a lot of these vendors get their tea from the same place.


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Re: Best place to get Jasmine Dragon Pearls?

Postby teaisme » May 24th, '12, 14:44

Haven't tried it but this vendor is a good one that has not disappointed me... ... -pearl.cfm

And here is a local vendor ... ducts_id=9

Not in pearl form, but I get a feeling this one would be more appealing to me (visual aesthetic aside), and likely can go more infusions with more character (less of the straightforward jasmine only flavour)

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Re: Best place to get Jasmine Dragon Pearls?

Postby JRS22 » May 24th, '12, 14:54

There may be a lot of vendors using the same source but my experience is that there is a wide variation in quality. I've been very happy with pearls from Seven Cups, but I agree that Jing is a very dependable source, and with lower prices.

Consider trying jasmine silver needles. I bought a Rishi tin at Whole Foods last year, but that's also available from Jing this year.

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