2 year anniversary

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2 year anniversary

Postby Chip » Mar 10th, '13, 19:40

It is March 11th, 2013 in Japan. Some anniversaries celebrate happy times. Some are somber at best, in these times it is best to perhaps be happy to simply be alive and well.

While it is hard to believe from here that two years have passed since the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster began in 2011 ... I am sure it has felt like an eternity to those closest to the disasters.

I find myself thinking and remembering almost everyday, partly due to the intentionally placed "Sendai" Hagi SO Wan that sits in honored position above the TeaTable. Partly because of the Japanese tea filling my cups every day. Partly because I do not need to be reminded ...

While there is now much more that we do know ... there are so many things we do not. Much of which, it is easier to not know.

But today we remember, again. And like in Japan, life goes on.

<Lifts "Sendai" in remembrance>
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Re: 2 year anniversary

Postby teaisme » Mar 11th, '13, 13:41

here here
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Re: 2 year anniversary

Postby Teacup1980 » Mar 11th, '13, 13:43

Chip, I can't appreciate you more that you have mentioned about the 2 year anniversary here at TeaChat. There are still so many victims cannot go home and live in temporary evacuation houses (it is no longer "temporary" for them). Many people lost their family, lost their children, lost their friends, lost their houses, lost everything... I hope people around the world don't forget the tragedy and keep supporting the victims. Pray for Japan.
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Re: 2 year anniversary

Postby NPE » Mar 11th, '13, 13:56

There is not much that I can say except that my heart goes out to all affected by this terrible disaster.
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Re: 2 year anniversary

Postby debunix » Mar 11th, '13, 19:34

I have had this in the back of my mind all day.....but words won't come to express the sadness of that day, and the sadness that persists because for so many, normalcy has not and will not return. Peace to them.
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