Better Gyokuro then the Premium of hibiki-an

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Better Gyokuro then the Premium of hibiki-an

Postby jbu » Mar 12th, '13, 03:59


I read here that the Gyokuro from hibiki-an hasn't a good money\value ratio, i loved there Gyokuro Premium and i would be very grateful if i could buy the same or better quality Gyokuro in less money, just to be clear, what i loved in his Gyokuro premium is the relaxation felling i get form it , even more the white tea .

Can someone please give my a recommendation ?

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Re: Better Gyokuro then the Premium of hibiki-an

Postby Oni » Mar 25th, '13, 07:37

There is a list of tea vendors here at teachat that specialize in japanese tea. 30 $/100 grams is not the best quality price range by any means, no teashop sells the highest quality gyokuro at this price range, more like 60 $/100 is the big league, but if you don`t mind the email order and a bit slower paced order I suggest Horaido teashop, their Kame no yowai and Fuuki are 3000 Y = around 30 $ price range and it is better that hibiki-an premium, it is hand picked and traditional rice straw covered plantation.
Sofar for me they are the best price vs quailty, it is an old teashop with very good value, they sell teaware and source anything for chanoyu and sencha - do, you cannot go wrong with trying them.

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Re: Better Gyokuro then the Premium of hibiki-an

Postby GreenwoodStudio » Mar 25th, '13, 11:14

I thought this was a good deal ... 9_101.html

How it compares to the one your referring to, I dunno :mrgreen:

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