Does Adiago Dragonwell use pesticides?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Does Adiago Dragonwell use pesticides?

Postby mamawama » Oct 29th, '13, 17:49

I'd bought Numi, but then dragon well was discontinued. I've been looking for organic dragon well, and couldn't tell from Adiago's description on its dragon well if they use it or not. Anyone know? Anyone know where to get organic dragon well? Some vendors claim they don't need the certification and theirs is anyway. Former investigative reporter here...not buying that. :D

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Re: Does Adiago Dragonwell use pesticides?

Postby ClarG » Nov 28th, '13, 05:26

No idea; but when I have ordered green teas before from Adagio they would sometimes have dead lady bugs or the shells of lady bugs in them which means they are organic since the growers are using insects instead of pesticides. You should contact Adagio and ask them this question as they would be more suited to answer it.

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